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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bwtsninja, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. Thought i knew most of them i.e. ways of conning money out of people

    but last week came across this

    a scam i saw on the way to work last week did make me chuckle (and beware they are STILL pulling this trick) Girl who looks around 7-8 months pregnant walks along stopping at the various cafes/pubs along the road asking for a few quid . Of course the fact that she is pregnant gets the sympathy vote and people nearly always give her money. Looked a bit iffy to me as i had seen her a few weeks ago and she was definately not several months pregnant. I watched her and as she got to where the 24 hour shop is under the bail hostel by the new vic , she gave the thumbs up to a guy across the road , pulled out a pillow from under her jumper and the two of them came out the off licence 5 mins later with several bottles of cider !!!

    have to at least give them 10/10 for effort lol
  2. Give it six months,then she really will be in calf,have the little bastard,then get her money direct from the State.
  3. The bitch :!: i want my money back she said it was mine and wanted child benefits up front and it turns out its just a pillow :x