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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Machristo, May 21, 2007.

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  1. just sat here munching on a cheese salad and coleslaw sarnie of my own creation that is absolutely gorgeous and it got me to thinking- which is the best sarnie?

    for me it's gotta be either this one, ham salad (with salad cream), BLT (with mayo) or chicken and sweetcorn.

    how about you lot?
  2. There can only be one ultimate sandwhich;

    thick white bread, four rashers of bacon and two fried eggs!

    nb. eggs must have runny yolks.
  3. My god. REMEbrat, that's incredible. I need one now.

    Edited to add: Simplicity in itself
  4. The following is the ultimate bacon sarnie:

    slice of malted brown bread
    mayo (real stuff, not cheap shite)
    3 or 4 rashers of thick dry cured smoked bacon (fried, not grilled)
    4 fresh mushrooms thinly sliced and fried in the bacon's fat.
    1 fried egg (not too large, better flavour in small eggs)
    grated cheddar cheese (again, use good stuff not the plastic shite)
    slice of malted brown bread

    The above is superb, but when cold, wet and miserable nothing beats an egg banjo.
  5. I bet your arteries love you.
  6. It is blasphemy to even suggest that there are OTHER sandwiches than the Egg suggest that an alternative might be better is nothing short of casus belli.
  7. the best banjo i ever had was at belfast 20 years ago a sausage egg soda , 4 cookstown sausages and 2 eggs cooked to perfection washed down with a big mug of tea at 6am on a typical wet cold day in the province :D

    aye! its the little things in life that matter :wink:
  8. I think one of the nicest sandwiches is Chicken mayonnaise crispy bacon, avocado, tomato & cos lettuce in Mediterranean bread
  9. White bread, buttered with mayonnaise, a bed of finely chopped fried mushrooms, two runny fried eggs, another layer of mushrooms, topped with another slice of mayoed bread....

    eat with knife and fork, its the gourmand's egg banjo, off to the shops now to buy the makings....
  10. Dammit. Knew I shouldnt have read this thread.

    Bread [x]
    Margarine [x]
    Eggs[ ]


    Hmmph. Have despatched 2 x Child, Small to go down the shops and purchase the missing ingredient.

  11. corned beef with brown sauce on white toast
  12. I spoke to a young troop leader who was attending a course at Bovington and he happened to mention that the food was not as good as it is in Windsor. He jokingly (methinks) asked for a food parcel as he was wasting away to nothing. It was a Friday and I was bored so while trimming the dry bits off the Stilton I decided to make him a Stilton cheese and mustard sandwich. I carefully wrapped it up and sent it second class post so it would have matured nicely by the time it arrived. The plus side for the hungry Coronet was I hardly charged him any extra messing at all :twisted:
    My own choice is honey roast ham with home made coleslaw served in freshly baked tiger bread.
    I gave up tankie cheese possessed and strawberry jam sandwiches served on a diesel stained Wednesday loaf a long time ago. :)
  13. Butler, you brown nosing git - you never did that for me!!

    Back to sarnies, its got to be the old maint day treat, a Big McC, 1 Tp style. Thinly sliced compo luncheon meet, fried in marge, with a wodge of melted cheese posessed, served between two slices of next Tuesday´s bread. Magic!
  14. Apart from the infamous Banjo of course...

    One of my favourites was a triple sarnie I used to make up while training many moons ago, consisting of:

    Bottom slice white bread - thin coating of Mayo - Thin Sandwich steak (from the old Beejams? I think!) - lettuce...

    Second slice of white bread - Mayo - Thin Sandwich Steak - thin tomato slices...

    Third slice of bread - Mayo - Thin Sandwich Steak - lettuce - tomato - mayo and a dash of salt and pepper to taste...

    Top and Final Slice of white bread - squash down to personal desired sandwich thickness - Scoff down with a pint of Guinness!

    Bleddy Gorgeouso!!!!!
  15. A Cyprus Special sandwich from the red van at the top gate in Dhekelia.

    Long baguette, chicken, Hallumi cheese, bacon, pork, ham, tomatoes, fetta cheese