Best Sapper Regiment?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Phoenix_Rising, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. Hello all!

    I have just passed my RCB and have been informed that i can have a 2 week attachment to a RE regiment. My question is this. Which is the best one to go to? My main hope is for 59 Commando, but to be realistic, i doubt they want some fresh faced newbie who hasn't even started RMAS let alone finished it. (not to mention all arms) So if anyone can name some regiments that are known for some good nights out, good SNCOs/Officers, and are hopefully abroad from spring this year let me know as soon as possible. Although is this a bit of a bone question as suppose any RE regiment is better than any other in the Army?

    Cheers, PR
  2. are you limited to UK units only fella?
  3. Apprently not, i beleive i can go where ever the regiment i am placed with goes. SO if thats Germany or cyprus all the better!
  4. I would recommend 28 Engr Regt in Hameln as it is the biggest Regt (5 Sqns instead of 4) and there is variety within the Sqns, from HQ Sqns to Field Sqns.

    The town and area are really nice too. Great hills and woods for running through and great Sqn bars to drink at.
  5. totally agree with "CoJ" expect for one minor detail, the regt, 28 engr are & always will be "riggies".

    if you want a real engr unit try 35 engr at paderborn.

    never served at paderborn but had a fantastic 7+ years when 35 engr was still based in hameln.

    hope you get a good one..

    laters. :!: :!: :!: :!:
  6. 35 not bad but if you want to see an engineer regiment in action go to the mighty 32! :lol:
  7. Have to say, 28 only have one Sqn of riggies. It also has one of Oggies, two park Sqns and HQ Sqn. So the days of 28 being Amph are all but over and it's correct role is GS Regt with the rigs added (as the extra Sqn) to support 1 Div.

    So nice location, plenty of variety and pay as well!
  8. Edited for getting to personal!
  9. Lol, yup you are. Who would i be dealing with when i go on an attachment/ what would i be doing? Because I don't really want to be hanging around with the CO all the time, especially if they are a tosser like Legs has said, but ill put that down to personal preference.
  10. in my experience the y.o's or potential orificers normally end up with a field tp so that they get a real feel of what goes on rather than following the co's arrse around everywhere.
  11. Ah good, sounds much more like it
  12. Phoenix sorry to disappoint you but I don’t think that you will have much choice in which Regiment you get. The way it works is that the Corps Recruiting Officer writes to all units asking if they are prepared to host PO’s and reminds them that it’s good for recruiting retention etc. Most units hate hosting PO’s and the smart adjutants will offer up dates that they know will be unattractive (i.e during University term time). The CRO will ask you when you’re available and then match you to one of the units. The best you can hope for is to be generic in your request, ie ask for Germany.
  13. Hmm, i figured it might be like that, but still no harm in asking, as well as seeing how much you lot are passionate about your regs. Think i'll ask for 35, and see what i get.

  14. Knocker,

    I had forgotten ALL about the YO's we occassionally got given for a few weeks as a treat... I don't suppose you are allowed to have too much 'Fun' with them nowadays?

  15. 9 Squadron.