Best running trainers?

hi guys
might have been done already, but am after the best set of trainers for the price, don't have an awful lot of money, but do appreciate there is no cost on looking after your knees, ankles, feet etc. Am mostly after good ankle support and cushioning i.e when running on the pavement. What has everyone found to be the best overall running trainer?
thanks jack

It all depends on how you run, your weight, etc but in my experience you cannot go wrong with Asics, Saucony, Brooks, New Balance or Mizuno's.

Go to a specialist running store (ie not JJB or Allsports!) and they'll be able to help you more.
Jack, get yourself down to the Sweat Shop (branch in Reading, opposite the station and other branches elsewhere - check the internet). They will get you to run over a pad attached to a computer which checks for pronation/supronation - you feel a bit of a t*t, especially if you miss first time like me, but it lets them recommend the best model for your running style. They always have a selection of last year's models at cheaper prices (not really cheap, but you cannot afford to do your knees with duff trainers). They are also very helpful, and happy for you to try on nearly every shoe in the shop if you need to to. I ended up with a pair of Gel Kyano IIs, from the previous year's range and they are superb.
Dunlop Green Flash or the original army issue pumps are awesome, They build strong bones and muscles, dont be tempted to buy any cushioned nikey air pumps they will make you weak, infact dont wear any or if you have to then rub sand and broken glass into your feet and add socks. This will toughen the feet no end.

Hope this helps
hi guys
thanks for the replies, I will check out the sweat shop, incidentally is there anywhere a little closer? I looked it up on google and says it is a specialist running shop, would this not make it more expensive?
If you go to the Sweat Shop website:

The Sweat Shop

You can click on the store locator (top right) - they are all over the country.

Yes, they are a specialist running shop, but that means that they know what they are talking about when it comes to finding a shoe that suits your requirements. I found that they were cheaper than on line, because I chose a last-year's model. If you find that you like one of the current range and you think you can get them cheaper elsewhere, just take their advice then go hime and surf the net. If you can get the same thing cheaper, great, but that is what will kill off the kind of shop that can actually help and advise you, rather than just take your money.
hi fifth,
yes, just took a look around on their website and do apologise, it does look like the sort of place I need to go to. Will pay them a visit tomorrow
thanks again jack
Jack, as mentioned by previous posters, you can't go wrong with Saucony, mine cost about £80 but they've lasted me ages and are so comfortable. I got mine in a specialist running shop in Leeds called Up and Running, (I have a slight pronation when I run, so I needed something with that extra support) they also have a website.


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Run and Become in London (near Victoria Station) is very good and worth checking out.
I went along and got some brands recomended, then headed to a closing down sale at a local sports shop, and picked up the same pair for half the price.
I still use these

Athletic must and fashion essential
Run and Become in London (near Victoria Station) is very good and worth checking out.
Or Run and Become in Edinburgh, a distant mate owns the shop and is a runner himself. Avoid JJB and similar shops, all you'll get is a spotty kid trying to flog you the most expensive X-trainer! And beware, X-Trainers look just like proper running shoes but are not suitable.

Someone mentioned Saucony, Asics, Brooks. All brilliant especially Brooks for the heavier runner. And don't think that more expensive means a better shoe. It does not.

Great tip: Buy Athletics Weekly running mag, Bourne Sports always have a vast range of last years range at knock down prices (providing you are not one of those gays who must have the 'in' colour)! Try a shoe on for size and fit in JJB, fcuk them off then order the size you want mail order!
If you're serious about the running and not fashion I can recommend After getting measured up properly (Sweat Shop in Reading, missed the pad first time too) I now go for Saucony’s and being a tight git I can save a few bob buying last seasons’ models discounted heavily in the sales and I don't have a spotty oik on work experience telling me how kewl they look (as if, me kewl?) on the street, init.
hi guys
forgot the reply!
A couple of days ago i went to harrods and on the 5th floor they have a sweatshop with a treadmill and a video camera placed behind it, and they can then see in slow motion how you land and if the shoes are supporting your ankle. In the end they recommended two pairs, an asics trainer an adidas trainer, at 80 and 90 pound respectively. Anyways came back had a quick look online and found the 90 pound pair for 44.99 ordered them straight off and should be here in the not too distant future
cheers to everyone who helped!!
well-timed thread this.... am feeling the need to replace both my old, and frankly rather tatty, running shoes.

am up in Reading every so often so may check out that sweatshop and sample this machine that analyses your running style and advises of shoes to suit.
My old running shoes (Asics Gel Pros) were knackered, and I'd bought them some years ago with little to no knowledge of what to look for. Last night I went to Sweatshop in Covent Garden and had the assessment done. I felt a bit of a fool in the entrance to a health club stood on one leg etc, and I aborted my run-up to the pad a couple of times. I discovered that I don't overpronate or supinate, and that I strike hard on my heel.

The assistant recommended four pairs of shoes. I tried them all and ended up with a pair of Mizuno Waveriders for £75. I've just taken them for a 3 mile run, and they're fantastic. I felt like I was bouncing along the pavement instead of pounding holes in the tarmac with my heels. I can add my name to the many who have already recommended Sweatshop.

Edited to add that without the site, I'd probably never have found out about Sweatshop, so thanks.
Please try a little ethical buying when you get your trainers. trying them on in JJB and then searching the web for a better price is not so bad but if you go to a privately owned shop and get good service then you are morally obliged to buy them from the shop so long as the price is not too far from what you think you could get elsewhere, if it is then tell the salesperson and haggle! you will be surprised by what offers you can get!
Fair point from bulldoze. Sweatshop will spend a decent amount of time with you and will also do a 10% military discount. If noone actually buys their shoes from here, this service will end.

As a definite plus - all shop assistants in specialist running shops are runners themselves. Tends to be some rather nice girls in them.

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