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best route

which route would be best to go for the infantry,(faster promotion, better training etc), out of AFC harrogate, ATR bassingbourn as a junior entrant or joining as an adult in a normal ATR. can you join the paras straight after phase 1 and also are the para's part of 16 air assault brigade. thanks
You are an eager beaver arent you! If you are 16 then go for afc Harrogate. Its a good foundation for your army career and will stand you in good stead later in your career. Where you train or by what route you enter the Army is irrelevant. Your initiative, commitment and personal drive to succeed are what will matter with regards to promotion/progression. If you have selected the Parachute Regiment as your choice the you will go on to their training cadre at Catterick In phase 2 and attend 'P' company after that. One of the para battalions takes it in turns to rotate through 16 AA brigade. I believe 1 PARA are the current battalion.
1 PARA are now part of UKSF Group as part of the Ranger Battalion. 2 & 3 PARA are now permanently part of 16AA Bde with one Battalion always on lead element to deploy. I agree with your post.

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