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Can we ban everyone who mentions the shítcunts Pink fücking Floyd?

Dull twáts.
That explosion certainly affected your hearing.


Maybe this is more his thing? (CAUTION: THREAD POLLUTION ALERT)


Get off my lovely thread, you utter bastarding shitcunt!!!!!
Maybe this is more his thing? (CAUTION: THREAD POLLUTION ALERT)

having grown up with rock music in the 60s, 70s and early 80s, where is the music for us now?
Back in the 60s, 70s and early 80s. Youth defines the musical trends of an era and we're no longer qualified.
To me, it’s sad that the film isn’t more available, but it really needs to be seen in a cinema. I saw the film in Leicester Square in 82; big screen, surround sound. I remember walking out completely disoriented.

That exact thing happened to us, same year, cinema, probably a different day!
So disoriented that when they let us out of the side door we walked straight into the road - big screech and a black cab just managed to stop.
Totally out of it without the aid of pharmaceuticals.
Loving most of the suggestions so far, I've tried to find Captain Coconut by Hendrix on the toob, but it looks like it's been removed. Not the best instrumental by far, but very overlooked.

I've been listening to the suggestions on my tv/surround set-up and thought this might interest someone.
If your surround system has a facility that simulates a football stadium (mine's a Sony BDV-N7200W, but I'll bet others do the same), choose that option, even better if it subdivides to 'Narration On/Off' , juggle to find which suits best.
When stereo music is input, the system plays the content through the normal stereo speakers, but then picks out 'crowd sounds' and does a 5.1 job on them. Obviously it isn't a crowd that's being picked up on a studio album, but certain sounds the system takes to be crowd.
The outcome is quite spectacular and as far as I have determined, doesn't detract from the original mix. Electronic or Ambient really gets spacey, other genres generally get more depth and a feeling of being there.
Do remember to switch back to normal settings before watching normal programmes or else they sound mental.
Whenever anybody criticises a combination of heroin and alcohol, I direct them to Paul Gonsalves' tenor sax break in Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue at the 1956 Newport Jazz Festival.

He was only supposed to blow the bloody doors off and play about half a dozen choruses.

Starts at about 4:02

Listen to the crowd as well, gradually getting more excited. By the end of Gonsalves' epic blowathon they were shaggin' in the aisles.


Side one of this is worth a listen, ex Free guitarist. 17.5 minute instrumental called "Tuesday Morning". Trevor Burton played bass, any one from Brum in the 80's should remember him.
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Stiff Little Fingers.

"Johnny Was", from the "Hanx" live album, recorded at the Rainbow Theatre in London.

Drum, bass and lead guitar are awesome.

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