Best Regular Unit served with?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by future_rupert, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. Just to turn the tables, and out of interest!
  2. Oh, and worst as well.....
  3. Ok - you seem to have an interest in it, so why don't you kick it off.

    However, when you do this I think it would be good to give examples of what constitutes good and bad!!

    Let's see what your vast experience can bring to this entertaing thread!!
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I had a great time on Telic 4 with them
    If I didn't have such a good civ - div number I would have applied to stay on
  5. I was asking, so that those more endowed with operational experience might impart their knowledge upon someone like myself, who has none. I think I can see where this is leading and rather than starting off with a bitch fight as to whether I am worthy to ask such a question, it might be an idea to respond sensibly!
  6. Just wondering what their officers were like, t_b_s?
  7. 40 and 45 Commando RM were brilliant. Commando Helecopter Force (indeed the whole of HMS heron RNAS Yeovilton) were outstanding and the Blues and Royals rather odd but in an interesting rather quaint way.

    QDG's Welsh Cavalry were OK, nce enough but there is a serious problem with cavalry officers, I think there is something wrong with their breeding (not to mention dress sense) their mothers either have sex with horses or their mothers are horses. At very least someone should remind them not to marry siblings.

    HQ Land Command, is a very irregular, regular place full of some very strange characters most of whom seem obsessed with brightly coloured cravats and sex with close family members, mothers, sisters, fathers???

    RGR was by far the best organised unit I visited in 05, its kit excellent, well maintained and organised. The guys were switched on, helpful and worked hard to make our jobs easier.

    Coldstream and Grenadier Guards and 1 Para were very similar, they gave a good impression.

    The two Scottish infantry Bn's I visited last year were just rude, arrogant and their kit was in poor order. They seemed, here in the UK, to be pretty hopeless. The RTR sqdn co located with one of them was much better.

    16 Air Assault Logistics Bn (13??) deployed its kit to Herrick in such a rag order, haphazard way that I would not volunteer to work with them.

  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    They were very good I thought
    There was one officer who treated us like mongs on build up training but the Cpl Major put him right
    He thought that we got the kit when the regulars had finished with it and we knew nothing about CVR(T)
    However when we were away the officers were spot on I found that they would sit with us and chat away and have a laugh and would accept suggestions from the lads about things
    One troopy answerd to 'boy' when his own troop 3 bar shouted
    You must remember the HCR seem to do things very much their way for exampl in Iraq we had to keep our shirts tucked in evn though it was the middle of summer and we could omnly wear issue sunglass's but if you kept your head down and got on with it it was ok
  9. I was attached to HCR in the 90's, C Sqdn Blues and Royals, for a short time training to deploy to Bosnia. Your experience is exactly like mine. All of my preconcieved ideas were transformed, they left a very positive impression on me.

    Working with the HCR was far more enjoyable than the QDG's, the unit I eventually deployed with, where the soldiers were good but the officers very poor.

    Given the chance to go with HCR again I would jump without a moments hesitation.

  10. 3 PARA, excellent, 1 RIR pretty good,

    1 RS - Please god no
  11. 1RRW great blokes and happy to put up with stabs .
    200 signals some ok blokes but the head shed screwed us royally again and again from what I hear the head shed fucked the signallers around as well but still :thumbdown:
  12. Best regular Unit?

    16 SR of course......
  13. Right. I've had enough. Who the f*ck do you think you are?

    Every post I see of yours is slagging off some corps/regt/bn for some crime against your rather large and over-inflated expectations. If you hate or despise the Army so much, do us all a favour and remove yourself from our environment. I'm sure we won't mourn your passing.
  14. I notice you didn't quote the good things I said about the other units, including HCR.

    I found the QDGs to be as I described them, that was my experience, I got on well with the soldiers but not the officers. Later a QDG officer was posted to another unit I belonged to and this re-enforced my opinion. I also found that the CO of SUOTC, a cavalry officer from a different Regiment, was very similar to those of the QDG's.

    If you disbelieve what I say about HQ Land, go and work there yourself! It will take you about seven minutes to witnes some very strange dres sense and seven days to discover some very strange working practices.

    In the summer of 05 I visited two Scottish infantry Bn's, one in Warminster and one in Edinbrough. They were both unhelpful and when we eventually found what we were searching for it was very obviously not well cared for.

    I worked closely with all the units of 16 Air Assault Bde who were deploying kit to Herrick by sea. It was a very busy time for all the units and instructions changed regularly and at short notice. Only one unit had difficulty in meeting those demands and that was the Log Bn. Everyone else managed, to their credit, but they did not. Some units had to send people down to our location and with our help sort things out, no one had a problem with that but the Log Bn would not play, some arrogant twerp of a Lt turned up demanding we make good what his unit had been unable to do and eventualy I had to get a Major from Land to f**k him off.

    So its not being judgemental but saying how, from my experience how I found units to be when I worked with them.

    What about the units I said good things about? The units who were helpful and well organised? I mentioned more good units than bad ones

    Or perhaps its because I had a little dig at Ruperts that has got you all flustered and hormonal.

  15. Int & Sy Gp (G) :thumright:
    5 RA :thumright:
    A Guards Bn - Chelsea Bks - early 80's :thumbdown:
    A South of England Inf Bn which has since been amalgamated - Windsor Vickies Bks - also early 80's :thumbdown: