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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by buggrit, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Im sitting at work, bored and got to thinking about some of the things that our superiors used to think up to keep the Regiment occupied.

    I think the best one in my experience had to be 25 Engineer Regiments (when in the Traz) barmine layer race.

    I'd love to know what sick fecker thought that bugger up. Now if I remember rightly (and correct me if Im wrong fellas) we had to start by getting the barmine layer off the pack, put the wheel cages on, and run like the clappers on to the road, down past the square, around past the YMCA back along the square to the pack, strip the barmine layer down and get it inside the pack for transport. Cant remember if that was it or there was more to it, but I do remember at the end tucking my lungs back down my throat.

    Any other CO's come up with anything better at other regiments?
  2. ........looney layout comin up..........

    In the time I was in the cake I participated in some rather mind blowing events.........that is, outside of the Messes I had the pleasure to be sh*t faced in!

    In Osnabruck , 23 Ginger Beers, we were on a range week some distance from Os .............The CO decided that he would f*ck the transport off and the regiment would 'walk' back to Os.........ecky thump, some of the lads are still out there and this was in '90 !

    Another fun and games episode was to log run along Chisel (Spelling) Beach at Weymouth.........hey NT if you think you have problems try this little f*cker for a game of cowboys.

    I beleive it was all classed as 'character building ' yeh f*ckin right! I'm 53 and my body is telling me different.........thank the lord my wife is still able to carry me upstairs for my bath!

    All the best to the Gentlemen of THE CORPS, passed and present.

    p.s. NT, take a big read of the old fellas posts, there is guts and CLASS!
  3. How's about "MACRALON MAN" at Massereene Barracks, now which sick puupy thought of that. Running - Fine, Cycling - Fine, Swimmimg in the sewerage and oil filled six mile water with rats and dead bodies now thats a wee bit to sick for me. I retched and vomited for days after that and before I'm told "YES I KNOW YOUR NOT MEAN'T TO DRINK IT!"
  4. Yerrs, back in '81 OC 59 R****y M**D****ld decides to finish Bridge Camp by yomping - all the way back to Plymouth, the first 14(?) miles along that fcuking beach.

    Edited for clarity or something - whatever
  5. The Swinton exercises at 22 always seem to be really popular!
    The CO of 26 (2 gone) decided he wasn't happy with the level of turn out on green PT. He got the whole regiment on parade for what was supposed to be a normal CFT. P*** C***** sets off at a blistering pace, cue what felt like the Battan Death March. It was a sorry sight, the regiment was spread over best part of a mile, the jack wagon was full etc. It didn't help that it was fcuking redders as well. Even the really fit guys were struggling, the clerks and RLC were finding really howling. Half way round the CO gave us a right rollicking about the level of peoples phys etc and why we were going round at such a stupidly fast pace. That tab broke loads of people. 30's Badge went mental because loads of his guys who had worked hard to get upgraded were now broken again, I think he complained to the brigade master at arms.
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Did it twice. I seem to remember that it started with canoeing around that wooden thing on Lough Neagh, followed by the swim up 6MW, cycle and then run.
  7. CO 35 Lt Col F********h
    Got the regt on parade put all the spastics in the gym then took the rest on a 40 min bus ride got off and told the regt "last man back in my office"
    There was blokes coming in at lunchtime in clip order
    The bloke was mental
  8. I agree, he was my OC in 29 just loved his NBC and fitness.
  9. The route sounds familiar but wasn't there also a Christchurch Crib obstacle to pass through? Can't remember the exact year (around 89ish) but I can remember s***e h****t having an everlasting impression of the traz barmine layer race as it fell out of the back of the pac and ended up with him having to tuck at least 1 (severed) finger in his pocket for the trip to the krankenhaus.....we laughed so hard we nearly shat, not too sure if he was to happy about the whole thing what with the blood and everything......... :headbang:
  10. Ah yes, forgot about the Christchurch crib obstacle. Everything had to be stripped off the layer to get it through the gap. Not a pain in the arrse at all.
  11. My shrink is not best pleased with you, I've been trying to suppress the trauma for years...
    I'll always remember the onlookers sniggering at us while we're trying to breathe out of our arrses...

    The CO and RSM at 36 Regt were ex 9Sqn while I was there in 92-94. The CO thought it would be fun to do a 'marathon' 26 mile forced/speed march around the lovely countryside of Maidstone, starting at 0100hrs one Saturday morning. He also decided to re-enact the tab to Stanley during the Falklands tour in 93.
    The RSM stated that the BFT was THE basic level of fitness required, and as such we should be able to complete it at all times etc. On the first morning of a Cadre he took all the 'candidates' out for a 6 mile run (boots, lightweights and t-shirts) at a horrendous pace and then made them do a BFT straight afterwards. Anybody coming in over the time got binned and GET IM AWAAY!!! down to the gym for some remedial work...

    I always thought the best events were the 1300hrs parades (published on orders) in the bar on friday afternoons. Nobody was allowed to leave before 1700hrs.
  12. In Osnabruck , 23 Ginger Beers, we were on a range week some distance from Os .............The CO decided that he would f*ck the transport off and the regiment would 'walk' back to Os.........ecky thump, some of the lads are still out there and this was in '90 !
    ohh yeah , that little walk from Haltern ranges , how far ?? 40 or 50 km , back to Traz !!!!
  13. does anyone remember 25s range camp in vogelsang when the co made every one run to the lake a quick 25m swim in sub zero temps and about a foot of snow
    lot of very unhappy teddy bears
  14. Q for MEGADEATH...

    What are you trying to say?


    Bring it on bigboy
  15. 21 Engr Regt Nienburg 1988 ish, Lt Col E****t decided that every wednesday we'd all be in NBC black all day no matter where you were or what you were doing in camp, what a wizzard wheeze that was, basically everyone hid in the G10 and answered the phone with a hanky on the mouthpiece...I think it was him that came up with the "ball buster" running about with mk5 assault boats, lovely bloke, not - got a great send off when he left, wanted to be towed along Nienburg high street on his yacht on a trailer, only thing was, they unhitched him and left him in the main street going off his nut!