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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by jay_, Jul 19, 2005.

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  1. Alright lads i recently applied to the infantry as part of the princess of wales royal regiment but was speaking to some1 who has recently left the royal marines and he reckons that them and the paras spend a lot more time abroad on exercise than the regular infantry and lead a more exciting life in general.Is this true?cheers in advance for any replies
  2. Jay. Every infantryman on this site is thirsting to tell you that theirs is the finest regiment in the British army and quite right too, such is regimental pride. If you were a Scot I would suggest you join your local regiment, ALL Scottish regiments are excellent, tough, very professional, stiff with battle honours and bursting with pride though sadly they are soon all to amalgamate and the next two years will be very frustrating for them.

    The Paras are a great outfit as are the Marines (though they are not army) but just check out the PWRR which I suspect is your local regiment. One of their battalions, they have two, recently completed an extremely successful tour in Iraq, during which one of their number was awarded the Victoria Cross several others also received very well deserved awards. As regiments go they don't get much better than that! Indeed their record in Iraq to date is unequalled.

    Good luck in deciding which is best for you, though one thing is for sure, when you do eventually join the regiment of your choice you will believe it's the best one in the army....and fight anyone who says otherwise!
  3. Jay - Busterdog just gave you what is the probably the best summary of the info you will get here.... not including the inevitable regimental slagging and chunttering that you will get from the boys.....

    only a few things to add, that with all the new Future Army Structure changes that are coming in, no matter which Regt you join, they have (mostly) all been set up to have 2 or 3 Battalions, one being armoured (in Warrior IFVs) and one light role (ie walking or back of a truck) or some other exciting role like air mobile etc so with some exceptions, you will be able to move from one to another with ease, so you can vary your skills, armoured farming one tour to leaping out of aircraft the next etc

    dont worry about going on deployments, with the yet smaller size of the army every one will get a go in the sand pit

    final part of my sixpence worth, its not mandatory to join your local regiment, many dont and have great carears, but if you can and you feel you would be happy there, join your local cap badge...... good luck to you
  4. We don't have to say ours is the best, it is just naturally assumed to be the case.......infantry rule!

    And join the ......*aack! aaack! *can't breathe! Stop it Lord Vader!*

    Join the......*aack! *gasp* *sound of falling body ....*
  5. The Royal Marines will give you a much bigger scope for variety than the infantry . If I had my time again I would join them for sure .
    Don't what ever you do, do what i did and join a Guards Regiment . The Green Jackets or Light infantry might be worth considering despite the fact everyone else hates them .
    Think about it long and hard though .Dont let the recruiting office 'push' you into any old slot that needs filling .
    Which ever regiment you choose , good luck .

    I work with an ex marine and it sounds like he had a much more interesting time than in the infantry . More chance of seeing the world too .

  6. I agree with Trojan, in the Marines you get to display a higher level of sexual enterprise and experimentation than in almost any other regiment / corp in the Army (though it's Navy of course) it's like being in the infantry just loads more knotted string, plastci bags and electric flex. What is more if you dislike clothes it is ideal as they drop their kit at every oppourtunity.

    Join any of the Regiments in the Queens' Div (Royal Fusiliers, Royal Anglian, PWRR) and you'll have a great time.

    Don't join the Paras unless you like talking about yourself.
  7. Royal Irish all the way

    Faugh a ballagh! :-D
  8. :lol:
  9. Ask yourself why do you want to join a particular Regiment. If you are from a particular county then this is a sound principle. I think the comment about the RGJ and LI is harsh - they are bloody good and don't have to shout about it (like the Para's etc). More importantly with such a large organisation - the possibility for variety of postings is an attractive option. Visit the Infantry website to have a look at what they are all doing.
  10. I wouldn't really worry about being deployed and on exercise. Once you do join I think you will be surprised how often you are actually away. For example one of the Regiments that you have already mentioned are about to go into their training phase and are looking at being back in camp only for three weekends from now up until Christmas. So three weekends out of sixteen? Follow that with a run of Pre deployment training and then a six month tour on the back of it. If you want to spend anymore time away then that perhaps I suggest the French Foreign Legion!
  11. Im going to the Queens Div' Royal Anglian Regiment seeing that im from Northants, and have been told they are a great regiment to join

    got my final interview and selection soon and then 22 long weeks at Catterick to look forward to.
  12. Good lad,

    2nd Bn, The Poachers (Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire) is for you.

    Good luck
  13. Thanks v.much mate :D

    I'v never been so geared up for anything in my whole life

    is it 2nd Bn that are in Iraq at the mo or is that 1st Bn?? I know the opposite is in N.I but i dont know which
  14. did not take long for the regimental slagging to kick off... told you so... all the usual...

    interesting some one mentioned the French Foreign Legion... now granted not British Army or stricktly Inf (they have some all arms) but if you are not tied down and you dont mind 5 years (approx) service... you get a fair bit of pay.... you can't spend much of it, you are certainly going to be busy and in all the most undesireable places.... and you will come away fluent in french, which is a huge bonus in this day and age.... its a pretty full on unit.... you use issue kit etc and not much gucci stuff available... of those i have seen/ worked in the vicitiny of / with half are very sound troops, the other half are very unreliable...

    Down side of it is that its brutal, you get 2 weeks off a year which must be spent in France and you have no life or freedom and you end up serving with the best and worst the world has to offer
    Watch that "Escape to the Legion" Channel 4 reality show for a taster of what is on offer in the Legion... try to resist the urge to lamp that midget yank sgt .... they have no height minimum requirement there obviously
  15. I did 5 years with 2eme REP 4 cie back in the 80s and for the doubters amongst you ill be happy to answer any questions on the subject. Like most Army’s it has its ups and downs 1 that springs to mind is that you are not allowed to have civvies for the first 5 years. That means going down town in your best dress. The up side to that is it pulls the girls in calvi so not a bad thing the pay is very good as a cpl out in Africa we were on about 3500 ff a month tax free. Tours only last 4 months and at the end of a tour you get 3 weeks leave. To spend all that money you have just saved (we lived like kings in Paris on leave) I met some very good friends in the 2eme REP and still see them today. Even after 15 years. My advice is go give it a shot and have some fun

    la Vie est Belle