Best regiment to join ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by AJ1992, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. I'm 19 , from birmingham, not too fussed about where I'm based along as I can get home most weekends - any ideas what reg to apply for ?
  2. Whatever regiment your in, your likely to be moving around.
    Most people join their local regiment apparently.

    Some regiments only recruit in certain areas, other are nationwide.
    Do some homework and find out which ones you can and cannot apply for.
  3. The Royal Navy
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  4. Home at weekends, is it, try.....
    2nd Bn The Royal Milk'll be home by 10 every morning.
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  5. Serious question, why do you want to go home most weekends?
  6. Military Police
  7. Well I have a girlfriend I've been with for 4 years - and my mums pretty ill so would still like time to see her often - but I young and I've wanted to join the infantry since I left school, I need to do it now before I get too old and start regretting it lol - seriously though any suggestions where's a good place to go if you want a good laugh ? I've been told guards spend shit loads of time polishing everything - ( not really my thing )
  8. i think 3 mercian are local
  9. MOD GS (Ministry of Defence Guard Service)

    Stagging on at the front gates of your nearest Barracks.

    Shift work, every other weekend off. Home every day / night.

    What more do you want !!!!!!
  10. Fuck me ragged. The ARRSE mong is back.
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  11. i mean 2 mercian. 3 mercian are currently based in germany.
  12. Depends how much you like walking or taking shit , if you have the brains join the engineers , paras is still an option then if you wanna go down that road
  13. Don't bother, you probably cry when you get to Catterick and cant go home for 6 weeks, or you'll develop an admin problem conveniently timed to stop you deploying
  14. Lol cry about being away from home ? I live on my own mate not with my parents !
  15. Why dont you go to Chechnya and join the Kadyrovsky's....there you will be pissed on, beaten up, forced to lift kettlebells until your bones snap, shot at, chased and beaten up....after all will become a real man.