Best recruit prize for Matthew

Nice to see the Army doing PR - when I passed out no-one got a mention in any paper - there again, I was lucky to pass out, never got near a shot at 'best recruit'.
best recruit???? cant even cam up properly hahaha

nah well done, i did it phase 1 and 2 and it was a great feeling although never got mentioned ever again and my awards now sit in a daysack in the loft!!!
How can he be the best recruit? He can't even do his drawcord up on his jacket. He needs to sort his rig out and his cam. I bet he wears a wooly hat under him helmet too.
Good effort! And good PR!

It'd be good to see more of this In the local rags. In ours any lad that passes out of CTC and gets their Green lid gets a mention but thats It.

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