Best Rank in the Army - (Major Generals need not apply)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Firstly :probably been done before - if so, moderators please bin. :oops:

    Secondly: I'm overseas and need some company. :(

    For me it was Staff Sgt. Troop leader. On a par with Lt. Troop Leaders, and with my experience I was better than they were - apart from Lt. N*** F***, a true born leader. Me? I just had good training and 12 years at the coal face to go on.

    So. Is there a "perfect rank" in the Army ..... and why?

    Which rank cooked your biscuit? :D
  2. Lt GPO
  3. Full Screw..
  4. Clearly the rank i'm at now.
  5. Full Screw, the people that actually make things happen, IMHO.
  6. Full Screw, Once you get above that, enjoy your chair and paperwork!!!
  7. staff sgt it has to be.
  8. Definitely Full Screw.
  9. Come, come gentlemen. The best rank in the British Army is, and always has been, that of Warrant Officer Class 1. Been there, seen it, done it and nothing to prove. Treated with respect by all below and all above. Commissioning to Lt is a real blow as you go from being one above God to the lowest of the low.
  10. cant speak for ORs but officerwise
    I thought Capt FOO was a good job.....Then I discovered Maj OC TACP... What a great great job
    By the way as a crab I had a ball as a BALO - Thanks to all in green for looking out for me and making me welcome

  11. How the fcuk would you know?

    Best rank has to Mr. Its a rank I hope to be soon. :D
  12. A feeling described to me by one LE officer as "I used to be someone, now I'm just someone else".
  13. Surely it's always the rank above the one you hold. That's why it's worth aiming for.
  14. Hope you don't find it too much of a shock. I also hope you don't get a job dealing with the great British public as they are a bunch of whinging, give it to me now, I know my rights bunch of out and out sh1ts. Don't know how long you've been in but it came as a hell of a culture shock to me.

  15. I'm hoping to have as little to do with civpop as possible. My diplomacy is akin to Idi Amins table manners. Where I'm looking at going, it's like 10 Regt AAC. ;)