Best RAC Regiment for London Lad

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I’m from London and am having troubles on deciding what regiment to go for. I’m set on RAC but cannot decide whether to go for light cavalry maybe Light Dragoon’s, as I like the idea of the both mounted and dismounted role, or to go for Royal Tank Regiment and become a Tankie.

However the one problem is that I don’t think the Light Dragoons recruit from the south. They’re called the cavalry of the North.

I would consider the Scots DG as I have Scottish ties. But the ties are far from close. As I hear it though, there’s very few Scots in the regiment.

I love the idea of Being a challenger 2 crewman, but I want to be deployed on a proper tour, and tanks aren’t used in insurgent conflicts. And let’s be honest, it’s not going to be World war 3 anytime soon.

Anyways I would appreciate some advice. And thank you for your knowledge and time.
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