Best Quality Polo/Shirts?

Anyone any idea what the best quality Polo's or hard wearing shirts are? looking for a company that can do quality logo designs on the shirts and shirts in decent colours for Iraq/Afhganistan... any ideas? 8O

Like Craghoppers/North Face etc. but that do Logos...


War Hero
#2 They do a good range of quality sweat, rugby, T and polos. OK they are a workwear company but do offer mahoosive discounts and thweir logo embroidery service is very good. If you need a contact there PM me.

PS sorry but the only poncy 'designeer' stuff they do seems to be snickers, regatta etc but they do do coolskin type stuff.

get on their website - its all interacvtive
Thanks Lard... will have a look, we got Polo Shirts done a few months ago with Company Logo on but the Quality was utter shiesenhouser!

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