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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Aunty Stella, Dec 26, 2005.

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  1. Whats the best that you or a family member got?

    So far I have managed to pack the kids off to bed and have got to play with a Robosapien 2, Roboraptor, Robopet and Xbox 360.

    However, the best one so far has been the vibrating rubber duck that I bought from "Boystuff" for the missus. Basically it is a rubber bath duck with a vibrator cunningly concealed within. I have tried it on the old JT to great effect and now intend to put it to it's proper use by dragging Mrs AS to the pit and tickling her with its beak.

    Add to this the eldests sons Digital Camcorder (which I "accidentally" bought a spare 1 gig memory card for) and I have a present that will just keep on giving. Throwing one off over your own porn has got to be the best Chrimbo present ever.

    So, whats the best one you got?
  2. THEOBEN SLR 98 - Air Rifle

    There are some worried looking rabbits out there :lol:

    Beautiful Torture King!!! :D

  3. Socks...again..for fcuk sake.
  4. maybe Auntie Stella could 'use' your socks when he does his thing !!!!!
  5. I got some Corps coulored socks :D I'm so proud!! :lol:
  6. Cash and Home Depot gift cards all told about $400.00 :D
  7. johnny vegas 18 stone of idiot what a dvd
  8. The pictures, when you share them in the Gallery. :D
  9. Lots of vouchers - just got to turn them into boys things in the sales now.
  10. Last Post by Max Arthur.

    Thanks son, you are now forgiven for last year's novelty Christmas tie fiasco.
  11. PSP - only just put it down................
  12. Paddy and Max - still laughing my t1ts off.
  13. The Complete Blackadder on DVD. Genius.

    (now, how many powerpoint presentations can I fit clips from Blackadder Goes Forth into? I'm sure no-one will have thought of that before and I'll be lauded as a presentation genius)
  14. Bright red Converse high tops , look like a ''cool'' student if there is such a thing
  15. My sister got me a radio controled car it is brilliant (after last years whinging that i never get toys any more) :D :D :D