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Discussion in 'REME' started by warpdriveengaged, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. so is it true?

    "best" practice has been replaced by the term "good" practice so as not to offend the LAD who came out with such cack to further the commanders carreer .............. for you sir.......... DEME(A) is calling

    ah well at least we are only changing by a few degrees from DES 1 as opposed to 90 which is the Corps standard
  2. 'Best' practice is still with us as is 'good' practice.
  3. As practice makes perfect, is there a "Best Perfect" after a while?
  4. I'm going to let you in a little secret - if you want all the best practice stars you can get and as many pats on the back as your spine can handle...............................

    Read EMER Management N001!

    And for that all important job in DEME(A)'s back pocket, read the rest of the EMER MNGT series - you'll have so many good ideas on how to run a workshop/LAD you'll be considered a god....................
  5. I need to check but hasn't EMER Mgmt N001 been cancelled?
  6. Having been on few courses that have been required due to the fundamental changes to the Corps (Des, Des 2, the return of Des and finally, Des - the Corps and my part in its downfall!). It became apparent that the use of best practice was going to used in the formation of Corps doctrine. I will explain,

    Instr "Here is a new concept that will change the way we do our business",

    All "How shall we do this oh great REME Arms School",

    Instr "Ah enlightened ones this is what the Great Leader wants and how you get there is up to you? Now go away for two years, Gnash your teeth and burn that midnight oil and once you have a solution let us know and it shall be become Law (Job done, pat on the back, spiffing, excellent OJARs all round)"

    All "But oh great REME arms School, its your idea, surely you have the template in which carry the new message to the masses"

    Instr " Die unbeliever, how dare you question the great T****W with your Luddite thinking and don't call me surely!!"

    Best practice can be used to improve they way a unit works at low level this is because the Lads on the shoplfloor will instantly realise whether its bone or not. When something gets hijacked by the corridor of power and above, it becomes over engineered and a complete cluster.
    Puzzle palace thought they could bring about a massive change and use simple "best practice" to do their donkey work. To quote them "Once we have best practice we will inform the Corps and all will be well".
    Anyone seen it yet? 2 years down the line, No and i dont think you will.
    Units are so far left and right of arc with EMS is frightening. OCs and LAD commanders must have gone through some right pain trying to achieve it (sorry that should read Artificers, SNCOs or the unlucky Barstewards that got dicked with it). And dont give me that old baloney about "we just give you the tools" pish.

    Best Practice - my Arrse!! :evil:.
  7. As one of the poor b*stards that was dicked with implementing DES, I heartily agree with Wedge. The whole "negative feedback" plan of putting out a set of ideas and then wait for the ground swell of opinion to tell you the best way of implementing them seems to be struggling. Not my problem now thank god!
  8. I see my attempt on sarcasm was lost.............

    Hint: re-inventing the wheel?...................
  9. Speaking of reinventing the wheel, a previous OC of mine (Extremely Ginger non-Welbexian, best DE I've ever worked for), has a master plan for when he becomes DEME(A): A BRAND NEW IDEA for the deployment of REME tradesmen - call it "front line first" if you like, a redeployment of manpower so that first line posts account for 70% of the Corps, to ensure that repairs are carried out wherever possible by LADs integral to the units. It's a crazee million to one shot, but it might just work... Or it might if there is still a Corps by the time he gets that far up the greasy pole, and not just a subsidiary of Kwikfit / Halliburton.
  10. TMW - Gwar man speak heap big truth. I'm not saying this because "we did it this way when I was lad", but fixing kit as far forward and putting it back the hands of the steely eyed dealers of death is what we do best and might I add, with a certain amount of reliable determination. Rebalancing(IMHO) was put forward as the result of undermanning (-800). Invoking Best practice says that we should be making making up that shortfall at 1st line to keep the our parent units fit and ready to go. "Hold on" cries puzzle palace you cant do that, what will all the REME Lt Cols at Bns do without their "Super Battalions" when they are down to realistic manning levels?(Armd Wksps anyone)
    Begs the question, my friend, doesn't it.

    2 things have happend here:

    a. We are trying to employ civvy best practice (Des, mit competence) in a military enviroment. Remember TQ, Exellence in REME!

    2. Rebalancing - an excuse to build empires and change things because its my train set for two years (Bn,Corps,whatever) and how dare you get a system in place and use it for more than three years.

    A good officer (a good friend at that, DE as well, imagine that, any way I digress) once told me that you can't shout and be heard from the outside. Well my friend i'm getting a little pony - sorry i meant hoarse, they have worn me down, being 1st line for the majority of my career, roll on four years to go.

    BTW if he makes it to DEME(A) PM me :wink:
  11. Shurely you're not suggesting that Re-balancing had something to do with ensuring that Bn Command slots remained as Lt Col posts...
  12. Who me? god forbid we imply something as Controversial as that. I can see conference rooms now, Lt Cols sat the head of the table puffing a way on a big fat cigar - I said cigar Jockster! , looking round at the happy little eager faces - Subbies to Major - and the words "buy into this boys and one day all this will be yours".
    Tell me i'm wrong, please tell me i'm wrong.
  13. Christ TMW, I've nearly pissed myself!, Do you think for one milli second that Bn CO's are going to stand for that? We know where the man power should be, the grafters on the shop floor( at first line ) definately know
    and secretly the Bn CO's know, but if you think they are going to give up thier power trips for the good and benefit of the Corps then sorry guys it aint going to happen.
  14. Christ, cheers mate, i just spat me coffee all over the laptop reading that... Quality!
  15. We aim to please...