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Discussion in 'REME' started by onlydoingthreeyears, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. new here so forgive me
    what was your best posting, anyone ever served with the engineers?
  2. 35 ENGRs 2004 - worst posting - prick of an RSM - workshop environment with bullshit parades every 2 minutes - no escape from top corridor

    2RTR 2005 - best posting - LAD was shit though - common occurrence
  3. Guards mate, you will love it. :)

    I may be lying
  4. you b astard, do you know me? i'm off to least its Paderborn...what kit do they have/break
  5. yeah I remember basic at the guards bull sh1t at all
  6. Try here
    For Fooks sake, its still on the first page too.......
  7. cheers, wobby leave and been keen do not mix
  8. 29 Cdo RA Wksp.

    Fecking awesome. Great bunch of lads and a cracking location. Work hard play hard - never a more true word spoken.
  9. I think post has been stopped, had a few mates there, never heard a bad thing from them..are you busy?
  10. onlydoingthreeyears

    Judging by your screen name I would think that any where your arent would be a pretty good posting.
  11. Nice career management style......I wouldn't get your hopes up of making it to RCMO! :roll:
  12. Your right, maybe not the most enlightened comment.

    However I think it is a fair assumption (the mother of all ....I know) that saying you are onlydoingthreeyears doesnt scream commitement to me.

    Something required in a team to perform.

    Judgemental, maybe, but I say what I see.

  13. No bother, I agree with you. At the end of the day he may say he's only doing 3, but the last time I checked the minimum was 4 (oops, that may come as a nasty surprise). Anyway, that's an extra year to change (brainwash) his :)