Best posting location youve been?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Nov 8, 2005.

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  1. Following on from another thread... it occurred to me that we are employed in so many disparate jobs and locations, and it's always nice to share :) of course, with hong kong closed down and basra opened up, one could argue that the locations available are going a little downhill.

    What are the best places you have worked? I mean town / location / social wise rather than job wise.

    Shrewsbury will always hold fond memories for me - fantastic on the p*ss, great town, lovely area (but pricey). Londonderry in 91-93 was a scream too, though that has all closed down now.

    and... Bulford.

    only kidding :)
  2. Berlin '80-'82. Awesome and absolutely bloody terrifying around mid-December '81.
  3. Berlin 79-80. It was all sorts of things, and I never wanted to leave ... but what happened in mid-Dec 81 to make it terrifying?
  4. 1977 Hyde Park Osnabruck, saturday night / sunday morning
    1978 / 79 The Botanic + the Egg ( + soup kitchen + lodging allowance)
    1980 - 82 UK Classified
    1982 -1986 COMNON, Bodo ( only when the fishing fleet is at sea + on actuals)
    1988 Probe 21 :wink:
    1996-99 Exeter
    1998 Coralichi on a thursday - surf+turf


    The marlborough club any night 68 sqn are in there.
    The Hilton bar Al Ain UAE ( beats star wars bar at the end of the world)
    Bell tent, Hegglia Camp Bardufoss in February
    Eagle Base Tuzla ( force protection on-heat)
    Any day down the back of Fat Albert, without a hammock
  5. Belize in 1988. I'd been out there on a long exercise the year before and pestered like hell until they gave me a full tour. I was just a young kid who'd never been out of the UK before, and to go to a place like that was magic. I loved everything about the place; the jungle, Raul's Rose Garden, downtown BC, the quays, Raul's Rose Garden, Airport Camp, Punta Gorda and Raul's Rose Garden. Brilliant place for a young lad to go and sample life.

    Next best place must have been Berlin in the early 90s, when the wall had just come down but the Sovs were still there. No travel restrictions whatsoever, I got promoted to Sgt in that tour and the whole posting is just like some strange hazy blur of back to back parties. I feel a bit sorry for the youngsters coming in these days actually, because all the nice places have gone and the only ones left are grotty holes.
  6. Coralici must have improved by then (assuming there is only one?) - i went in there in '95 with the Fusiliers, to take over from the Bangladeshis, when we swapped hats from UN to IFOR. Two entire buildings were burnt down by the environmental health team on the grounds they were ridden with diseases i can't even spell. The place stank for weeks from their appalling ablution habits. And we put in corimecs, rather than moving into the bangos accommodation - most of us were somewhat put off by the fact that 4 man rooms had all the mattresses pushed together to make one big bed. The bangos slept together every night on the basis that "women are for babies and boys are for fun"... :? - hard to believe until you saw two of their officers walking around camp holding hands.

    Bet it was still a little bit cold in winter in '98 though eh?
  7. Any place within striking distance of the Dutch border-there is a nation who know how to party (if not climb mountains)
  8. WIS in Londonderry in late 80s - autonomy, beer, own car, Carol the dancer and her daughter, cracking work, oh and did i mention beer.
    Germany/Berlin for the wall coming down and reunification - parties and you guessed it - BEER!
    Exeter 92 - More autonomy, more beer, devon lasses!
    Belize 92 - 93 - oh my god, colonialism rules!

    I agree it must be very hard for the newer guys to have as much fun as we did but I feel sure they do their best!
  9. Yes, but it was probably so good because you were in God's elite Corps then 8) 8) 8)
  10. The declaration of martial law in Poland, when Jaruszelski narrowly beat the Sovs to the punch. It was as close as a close thing.
  11. My brother in law to be has got a very chintzed posting forecast..February it is off for six months in Roma at NATO Defence College and then either Brussels or Norfolk Va. This comes on the back of two years working from home but interlevened by trips to Romania, USA and other nice places with no oversight by senior officers. Immediately before that? Abbeywood but before that he was at the Indian Staff College for a year!

    Me, I get shitty Lisburn, Arbroath, Osnabruck, KC whilst the fires burnt..cough, cough, BLMF and Woolwich. Maybe I should have been a sailor??
  12. And it ceased being elite as soon as I transferred out, is that what we're saying, here?
  13. No, in fact I noticed a distinct improvement :lol:
  14. Certainly there were fewer awkward questions being asked from within.
  15. Kathmandu, Nepal, 6 months of getting pissed on the Brit/US/Aus embassy circuit every night!