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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jen2005, May 8, 2005.

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  1. Hiya, me and my husband are soon handing in our preference postings. Using your experience, would you be able to give us some advice on the best postings for us as a family (quarters etc) and work environment for my hubby (excersise, fitness, experience etc) Thank you very much.
  2. Cyprus, nuff said :lol:
  3. 2 UK Civ Div :wink:

    Seriously though there are no good or bad units, anywhere is as good as you make it.

  4. I think you will find that it's "My Husband and I"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. If you are looking for a posting in Germany then I recommend Elmpt Station. The quarters are excellent and there is plenty to do. The gym facilities are excellent and it is in a nice area Monchengladbach and Rormond are close by too. As anywhere its what you make of it that counts. There are 3 Signals units in the camp 7 Sigs, 16 and 628 Signal Troop. I hope this helps


  6. Totally agree. Don't know if you have any little ones, but the schools either in Elmpt or Rheindahlen are first rate and a credit to the staff that work in them.
  7. If you like a good murder mystery you could try Catterick Garrison!!
  8. Don't go to 3 div!! Gym is cr@p.........loaction is cr@p........quarters are awful.........local pub is a rip off...........local town is full of pointy heads and of course "sticky's" nightclub for a quality night out!!!

    Good points - Tams kebabs outside camp for late night beers munchies (that's if he's still there)
  9. Well blagger has a very one sided view of 3 Div....I was there for 4 mint years and here are the good points...
    1. Gym has recently been worked on and is now a lot better
    2. The swimming pool is also quite good
    3. The quarters are in fact quite nice because they have rebult a lot of the houses and 3 Div generally get the better ones
    4. Yeah fair one the local pub The Kiwi isn't the best but then neither are many round army camps
    5. It seems that the location is not very popular but look at it on the other hand...your not far from the beach in the Summer...Close to some fairly big cities etc

    I had many a good time at 3 Div and to be honest I know a lot of other families who enjoyed it

    Like the old cliche says....its what you make it.....

    And by the way, the local schools were rated very high in the league tables
  10. is that old boy albert still running the kiwi?
  11. Nah last I heard he sold up....Kiwi is under new management and apparently doing a lot better than it used to
  12. where the old boy gone then......he used to do some quality karaoke nights!!!!! haha
  13. Blagger please dont take this thread off on a tangent away from somebody asking a serious question. Sorry jen as a singlie i cant be of much help.

  14. So sorry boss!