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If you're impressed with a post, there's the "like" button, but sometimes there's something that you'd really like to "like" several times because as you look back on it, there's more that impresses you.

A case in question is this one:

Should be a good time.

I am assuming that you have little to no knowledge of mines, which is most likely incorrect. Still, its better to state the obvious, and proffer apologies if too simple, then to assume knowledge.

General points.

  • Landmines are ubiquitous and the "perfect" soldier.
  • They are cheap and easily deployed and are therefore can be found anywhere.
  • They are an area denial tool. Find one, find many.
  • Landmines can be activated by moving them an inch or by less than 5 lbs of pressure at times. They may be linked. NEVER MOVE ONE.
  • SIGNS: An area with mines/erw/uxos will often have strange vegetation or none at all. Enough time has passed from active hostilities that locals will be aware of many, but not all threats and have acted accordingly. Areas left unattended or desolate are likely to be so for a reason.When in doubt suspect the worst. Dead animals nearby are always a point for concern. Situational awareness is required.
  • Management: The best thing you can do is note and report locations and retreat on the same path taken, in the same road track or footsteps.

Croatia is heavily contaminated. The Croatia Mine Center is an excellent resource. It can be found here: HCR - Hrvatski centar za razminiranje

Please note the MIS portal to the right of the website. You should put this to good use.

Bosnia is also heavily contaminated. The Bosnia - Herzegovnia Mine Center is an excellent resource. It can be found here: BH MAC Sarajevo : Novosti

The current (as of 2012) BHMAC statement for the situation can be found here:
BH MAC : Mine situation- <i>new assesment results<i/>

I would encourage direct contact with both groups with your itinerary in hand for consultation.

Be aware that heavy flooding has adversely affected the mapping and location of mine fields in both countries. Re-deposition is a significant problem.

The common mines, which may be open to revision, tend to be the standard Soviet forms.

A B-H report that may be of interest is located here:
Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor

A Croatia report that may be of interest is located here:
Landmine & Cluster Munition Monitor | Country Profiles | Croatia | 2012

Best of luck.

Clear, concise, relevant.

I've put this in Site Issues because I'm hoping that any other nominees will follow the same serious and helpful vain and we'll avoid crayoning.

I don't know what ARRSE can award, but some posters truly deserve recognition. "SME" shoulder title, perhaps?

Oh, and if you like the quote, please "like" the original, not this one.
We just like having a laugh mate. Where do we find the original post so I can give it a serious like? It is a great post.

As you were, got it.
That had to get a like, one of the best, most concise posts I have seen on here.

Sorry mate, couldn't resist. It's so concise that I need to invent a new word for it - concis. To the point, factual, and to top it all off, hilarious.

Well, ok, I made that last bit up. Good post though - take yesterday off. ;)
Goodness me . Someone writes a sensible serious post and within the space of one page people start thinking they're comedians . Sums up the website perfectly
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