Best PLCE hip pad

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Lance_Jackass, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. I've had a quick look around the web for a new PLCE hip pad. Any idea which one would be best going for?

    The SASS ones look good, aussi and normal, and i've been told that the arktis one is fairly gucci as well.

    Any imput would be appreciated please.

  2. never used one - they are for fags and cnuts that can't put webbing on properly! :twisted:
  3. Eat more pies!

    More padding around your hips and more space on your now lengthened belt to put pouches onto!
  4. Cheers guys, constructive so far, keep them coming :p
  5. Seriousely - if you need a hip pad then you are not wearing your webbing right. The belt needs to be around your waist - don't carry too much crap and overload it - and lower the belt when packing a bergan. I was inf and carried all sorts from shovels & picks, GS bergans, spare rounds for Charlie G, spare rounds for moratrs, spare link for the GPMG, GS carriers with radios (58 pattern) - to PLCE with most of the above. I never had a problem and never got webbing burns from the belt.
  6. Cheers mate, in that case i'm just a weakling...
  7. Is that why they are issued, then?


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  8. I'd go for the SASS one mate iv got the arktis one thats good
  9. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    On my set It's got one from HM supplies in OG.

    Done me well!
  10. I've found the SASS hip pad (the Aussie one) to be an excellent bit of kit. I am quite a skinny bloke so my webbing causes me some issues on my hips but the above hip pad has reduced this.
  11. The issue one is very good. Lined with mesh and of course, FREE!
  12. I used a bit of roll mat
  13. seconded on the issue one, it's free.
  14. Thirded. The issue one is the best, but it could be a bit longer.

    (Cos I iz a fat bassa wiv pies in his utes)
  15. Unfortunatly SASS don't stock that anymore :(, I rang them the other day and they said they can't get the padding materials in, something to do with all the clothing contracts going out to China.... they haven't taken if off their website yet though.