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Discussion in 'Travel' started by brettarider, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. Weighing up were to go up on Honeymoon next year, Looking for a bit of a mix of beach holiday and being able to mooch about inland for a day trip etc. So far been thinking


    Any pro's/con's places to stay/cost of stuff etc to each of the locations would be handy.
  2. Cancun Moon Palace. It's just outside Cancun do none of the hectic usual nonsense. It is a completely self sufficient resort with private beach. It also runs excursions all over the inland to some amazing placed.

    Google it you won't be disappointed!
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  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Beach honeymoon & day trips inland ?

    Go for Scunthorpe, just stay clear of the locals they're like ginger scousers.
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  4. Exactly the same as any hotel on the Cancun strip!
  5. I was thinking more of Scarbourgh
  6. No it's not. As I said its not on the strip so there is no hectic life on the front door.

    It is two complex combined along with a golf course, 9 restaurants and 95% of rooms are sea facing.
  7. cheers Jarrod looks promising have you been there? much in the way of nightlife etc outside the hotels
  8. Sala resort i'm going to soon, the other two i've been a few times. Koh samui you can hire a car easily, loads to do in Chaweng beach but the hotel has it's own private beach.
    If you combine a stay somewhere like this Rayong Resort Beach and Spa Retreat, a private hotel with 5 star and luxury beach near Pattaya, Thailand you'll bring the over-all price back down and it's a good place and again quiet but you can get a car or ask for a taxi.
    Rayavadee you'll probably get a lot of Monkey's visiting you.
  9. Like this chap
  10. For my honeymoon, we got a flight to Girona, hire car waiting, then spent 2 weeks touring with the help of the Rough Guide for hotels, around Catalonia.

    Stunning scenery, one of the most beautiful places we've ever visited, kept away from the Costa Brava resorts and didn't hear English spoken for a fortnight.

    Did a rough circle, Pals, Tamariu, inland to Lake Banyoles, into the Pyrenees to Ribes de Freser and a rack and pinion train up to the peaks around Nuria.

    Up to the French border at Portbou, then south to Ampurias, Torroella del Montgri, then last day in Girona.

    Dead easy, just went where the mood took us, 2 days if we liked a place, just got the hotel reception to book ahead for us for the next place.

    One of the easiest and best holidays ever.
  11. Not a bad suggestion Vinnie wouldnt mind doing that for Italy/Scilly
  12. Sardinia. Top draw.
  13. Can fully recommend Jarrods suggestion in Rayong, the hinterland is beautiful and not yet spoiled, you can even see
    the occasional ,sunbear and wild elephant around Nam tok, as far as phuket is concerned, if it is sex ,drugs and crime and mafia you are looking for, thats the place tobe, the traffic there makes the M25 look like a country lane