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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Infiltrator, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. OK. I've asked the question about the Chavviest town in my other thread, which now begs the question, if all the towns mentioned are so chavvie, where is the best town/part of the country. I've served in some right dumps, and not too many nice places that would really make me want to settle down in them.

    I'm not just talking about the really monied areas like Gerrards Cross where a gaff costs over £300,000 just for a one bedroom flat. There have to be some nice areas to live. Nice people, nice everything, but where?
  2. Hereford seems to be a really nice place. I have civvy mates there and its good for women, nights out etc.

    Gonna move there myself when I'm made redundant next year. Goodbye N.Ireland....
  3. Worcester is a nice place, I lived there for a couple of years and its not too expensive, but close to decent countryside and a good city to live in! If i could, I'd move back there in a flash!!
  4. Ambleside in the Lake District. Its very scenic, very nice and also has a college with randy female student teachers :p :p

    So that gets my vote :D
  5. Salisbury, is a nice place, used to live there before coming to London! Got the best of the countryside, mixed with the city and shops (even though no brill) nice place to live rather expensive tho!!
  6. Devon and Cornwall is nice, but miles from London and the major Airports if you are a person that needs to travel. Kent is lovely in the summer, lots of nice little villiages out side Folkestone that have nice cottages/ houses you can do up and live a pretty happy life in the country side. Advantage is that its near towns for shopping and also near the major airports the channel tunnel for getting over the channel for a booze run etc
  7. gibraltar best of british . im not a resident myself in case bossdog is having a nosey. i do have friends in gib who i vist a lot :roll:
  8. That and Windamere get my vote
  9. I spent 2 and a half years there. The best bits were touring North Africa and the Sierra Nevada; the rest was total torture. The locals hate the Brits but take their money. Lower Saint Michael's Cave is pretty good though :D
  10. The Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland, Australia
    Just like the UK only sunny and a couple of thousand feet above sea level :eek:
  11. Bamaga isn't like England though. Thursday Island is somewhere I could live though.

    Where I live is strange in that turn right at the end of the road and I'm in Aldershot in one mile, turn left and in two miles I'm in the middle of Farnham. Aldershot - pits of hell, Farnham - delightful English country town.
  12. the moon.... will be a refreshing change of scenery me thinks
  13. Id have to vote for Gibralta day ill get back there :) :p :)
    Failing that, Hertfordshire is nice but very expensive
  14. Monmouth, pictureseque and nice people
  15. Opposite the pub