Best place to live? Try Tidworth


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Pimple on the ersehool of Bulford- best thing about the place was the road out of it. Mind you i was there in the 80s and I'm sure its undergone a complete rebuild since then (that was sarcasm by the way).
Although I take these surveys with a massive pinch of salt, I'm pleased to say we are a few miles from Tidworth (best that way!) and the Salisbury Plain area is a fantastic region to settle (IMHO). Great back garden for dog walking for example.
Also good to see St Bees, Cumbria in the top 5 - I used to walk there regularly from the home town (Whitehaven) and as kids, we thought St Bees was the bees knees (no pun intended).
It's a fantastic place - if you're sexually attracted to blood relatives.