Best place to go for a lads holiday

Me and my mates are looking to go away for our first holiday abroad without mum or dad next summer.

So where is the best place to go for a lads holiday?

include any of your past experiences
Monaco, has everything a young lad needs; Casinos, loose and fast women, a thriving night life, great views and a beach.
If he can avoid the Euro currency countries then it's not bad but I don't think you can have a lads holiday in Gdansk or Zagreb. Although Gdansk has a cracking beach and Zagreb has a cracking club and both have Brit friendly women if you can be arrse'd to learn some lingo and not be patronising.
Just get to Thailand, the girls will do the rest.
Malta. Loads to see, good restaurants 'n fast fooders, a good nightlife round St. Julian's Bay, cheap as chips and they all speak English. Don't stay in one of those package holiday places that are miles from the decent Malta. The girls are cute too. The water temperature's good, swimming's good and if you get self catering you can eat like gods on local stuff tho' steaks etc. are all imported from Sicily and pricey. They love the Brits and the local brew, Cisk, is a good pint.

Drawbacks: The girls are cute, but very Kafflik and if they're over 28 may have a moustache and have put on a few kgs. The place is also a bit dusty and they drive like cnuts, albeit v e r y slowly.

When I was married to the ex we owned a flat over looking St. Julian's Bay and loved it.

It's maybe not as glam as Thailand, but you won't get a STD, life sentence for dissing the monarchy or carrying drugs or get jet lagged.

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