Best place to get unit T-Shirts/Rugby Jerseys made??

I have always used Hargreaves

Had a few probs though, late delivery, and few mistakes, mainly because I tried too many personal things

My advice, who ever you use, stick to one colour, no personalisation, makes like a lot easier I can tell you


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Advance2contact said:
Can anyone suggest a good place to get unit merchanidse made up at a decent quality for a reasonable price?

As MC says, Albie Fox is a damn good place to start.

Custom jobs no problem.
He's always delivered on time - or early.
Multiple colours/personalisation also a doddle here.
Setup prices may well be low as he already has most capbadges in stock.

He might be a little more expensive than other firms, Hargreaves for example, but this is more than made up for by the quality of the embroidery and shirts.
He decided a long time back not to sell cheap, but go for good kit.
All the ones I've had from him are still in excellent shape, no fading stretching or sagging - some are over ten years old.

The other reason I use this firm is that he's an ex-soldier & it sort of keeps everything 'in-house' as it were.

Edited for reasons of complete mongevity - see next post


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You are of course completely correct Wellyhead.

Many thanks.

As a net-mong I shall now amend my post.


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