Best place to get Royal signals mess dress

As the title would suggest i am currently looking for a decent place to buy mess dress. I don't want to buy second hand so not looking on ebay. I have tried mess dress online and they seem pretty reasonable but have heard mixed things about them so putting out to the floor to see what answers i get back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I used Uniformal - cheap and decent quality
Glover & Riding in Aldershot and Bulford. Not the cheapest, but they will do VAT free for BFPO, so get it shipped to a mate for invoice purposes if you are not BFG based (althought that is probably wrong **** the tax man).
Very good qualitiy and it will fit and be correctly made.

Had serivce dress and mess kit from them and both are excellent.
I used Costellos'.

They also do VAT free and will spread the cost over 4-6 months interest free if you wish to pay that way.
I used these last year. I needed the mess kit in a hurry. They talked me through how to measure myself made it and posted it down within 10 days(for a little extra). I got the whole lot incl medals, boots shirt for just over £500 and the quality is excellent
Thanks for all the replies, will look into some of the ones mentioned as well as the ones i already know about. To answer the question about ebay, have had a look but not many mess dress for sale in my size.

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