best place to get psp/ipod movies.

ok got utorrent.

tried using bittorent and found that most of the stuff i wanted was U.S only,

wheres the best place to get it uk availible, and hopefully free.
easy-wan-kenobi said:
ok got utorrent.

tried using bittorent and found that most of the stuff i wanted was U.S only,

wheres the best place to get it uk availible, and hopefully free.
Any movie file or DVD can converted to play on the sony psp. You need Xilisoft PSP Video Converter or something like it. This will convert your files into MP4 format.

cover me in cream and lick me


I do not condone piracy...

However if I were to, I would first download the ares client from here as this software emulates all of the major P2P clients out there.

I would then use the search facilities in the software or I would visit the following sites...

Torrent Reactor
The Pirate Bay

This is just a small tip of the iceberg and again - I do not condone piracy in any way or form - Even with ships!
ok how about converting dvd media into a workable format mp4

iv been looking at and amazon for converting software, its all relatively cheap, but my main concern is it has to be vista compatable and the funking thing has to be able to work!!!

tried psp vid 9
and sony psp media,

psp 9 was ok, any better?
I use DVD Shrink 3.2 to copy the DVD. DVD Shrink bypasses all known DVD encryption/copy-protection (not sure about Blu-ray or HD DVD) and copies the movie to a folder on your HDD. You then get an option of what you want to do with the copied files. I use Nero Recode to transfer these files to iPOD, or Nero Burning ROM to make a playable DVD copy.

Both software packages are easy to use as DVD Shrink works in tandem with Nero when burning DVDs. The only downside is the copy process which can be processor hungry, so DVD Shrink also does a quick scan of the movie before a full copy, then gives you an option to strip out audio files before starting the process (audio as in France, German, etc soundtrack/sub titles).

DVD Shrink is free (do a search on Googlies) and you can pick up copies of Nero on eBay for pennies. The only big downside I found was, watching movies on the iPOD screen. Although picture quality is superb, it’s a tiny screen, so in my own opinion, you do lose a lot of content (example, an action movie) because of the size. I’ve since binned putting movies on my iPOD in favour of using my trusty ThinkPad. I have, however, got a shed load of Youtube copied content on my iPOD (film shorts, comedy shows, music vids and cartoons). You can copy from Youtube straight to your iPOD using iTube (again, a free program which copies and automatically moves content onto your connected iPOD).

Lastly, non copy-protected content can be copied to your iPOD using the iTUNES program. You’ll find the copy program below the ‘Advanced’ tab.
check out this site,

i get all my games from here, but there are some movies too, in both pc and psp format.

Bear in mind that most content is on rapidshare so it is well worth paying for a premium account on rapidshare, 6 quid for a months access is good value when you can download 25 Gb in 5 days.
easy-wan-kenobi said:
any takers?

preferably free.

tried using limewire but its full of spam

Hmmm, I've never had any snags with it but then again, maybe I just know how to navigate around t'internet without compromising myself ;)

Of course, piracy is a crime. Do not accept it. You wouldn't steal a dvd would you..WOULD YOU?????


Fill your boots. For those of you in the know, this guy used to go by another tag..... Axxo

All their movies are top quality copies,err, I mean back-ups.
im using xilosoft to convert my files into ipod type files but i cant get them onto the ipod!!! they are coming out the other end as .bup.iso and all sorts.

i want to get a dvd from the dvd and onto my ipod. please help. iv just shelled out for xilosoft and i cant make it work :(

any other hints for anywhere else would be handy!

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