Best place to expatriate yourself to

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by TABBER, May 3, 2006.

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  1. I think this is relevent lads, lets face it the UK going down the pan and when you leave noone understands much and your entire support network pretty much disappears. I know loads of blokes doing it.....

    Im gona put my foot forward with Thailand - Pattaya!

    I would describe it as "wreckless" cheap houseing cheap everything and a brilliant attitude.
    Recently spent two months living there, ate out everynight, pissed one day in three, and rented an appartment by the beach for little over a grand. Did a diving course while i was there (hence not pissed every night), wouldve cost about 5ks in uk for everything, got it for 2k.

    Beautiful weather, firearms readily available, as are superbikes, steroids and sex
    Nightlife is sensational everynight of the week, or day for that matter. I could get up a 6 in the morning and find a party, clubs everywhere, something for everyone ;-)

    Ladyboys know how to party! beautiful thai girls and some hard as fuk russian chics to give you a good seeing to as well as a very varied international crowd.

    loads of bars, 5 girls, one to hold the peanuts, one the hot towel, another refreshing your drink, another giving you a back massage and the 5th under the table!

    Good golf, bungee jumping, fishing, diving

    Awesome raves now and again - typical thai mentality, put an artificial beach in the middle of a derilict area and had an industrial beach rave with some world class Dj's if thats your thing.

    Down side a bit dirty, no surfing and a massive 'socks and sandles' brigade staggering round the bars....not many 'normal' 'nice' 'western' women if your looking for that sort of wife or something stupid....

    Cheers, Discuss.....
  2. Well, it sounds a hoot mate, if you are a single defense contractor working in Iraq doing 6 on 4 off - not only can you get cheap housing and party till you drop, you can probably do it all for the expense that your tax bill would be if you kept returning to the UK on your 4 weeks off, so thats a billy bonus too.

    However, for those with families it ain't so clever!

    Plus, if you stuck with it, it'd end up a bit "White sockish" - 40-50 year old blokes, partying on and pretending they are 21, surrounded by ton's of money grabbing hoes. And wondering whether leaving their family and friends was worth it. No thanks!

    I'm currently living in the States at the minute, which is alright in a materialistic kind of way, but not without its problems. The grass is always greener.....
  3. Fair is not a family place. I wouldn't settle there either.

    However i was just putting the topic out there whatever your current living situation. Families, age, I know theres a few people looking at options, particulary stateside and australia for making more permanent moves to.

    Particularly Aus since they seem to have a good acceptance for international applicants into the ADF.

    The states, now that does interest. Ive done some of florida, after that big exercise a couple of years back. It comes accross very well balenced where i was, good beaches and lively friendly people and a good nightlife, but for families its still got the fun, active side to it. Mind things always look awesome when your on a short RnR.
  4. Would you consider settling in the States permanently, though?
  5. Spent a fair bit of the winter in Oz having been granted residency last year. Weather and people excellent. Downside is that beer comes in small glasses "because it gets warm in a pint pot". Will be back out there again this winter. Have rented accom in a SE Melbourne suburb near my cousin but we are looking to buy in QLD.

    Try this site for an idea of property available and the price (ROE approx AUD 2.35 = £1):

    Australian Real Estate
  6. whats the procedure for applying for residency from abroad? I was under the impression you had to be there on i tempoary visa first then apply... not the case?

    I went out last august only for 3 weeks, im liking the BBQ's on the beach thing. Got up to Darwin in the bush as well which was a great experience. Like the surf, nice poeple, and drive through off-licenses! whats that about, can you imagine that in the UK.

    Where are you looking for property in QLD, eyes on surfers paradise?
  7. SOLD!!!!

    I've managed to put thailand off so far, mainly because I'm not sure I'd ever leave if I got there!

    Most the wretches I work with live in Thailand and are on their 3rd or 4th wife and have had to come out of retirement more than once due to getting fleeced by their birds

    I'm looking into a trip this year with a mate who's a regular visitor

    On the expat side, I've looked into morocco which has surf, fairly moderate locals, is cheap and is a quick flight from london

    Soon to be the new Spain apparently
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Oz is great. Lived there for two years and then moved back to europe. Been back 4 months and its shite here. I've had enough and flying back to Oz in two weeks, can hardly wait.

    Lots to be said for Australia, I really like the place, plenty of work, great climate and cost of living is resonable. You know it makes sense. :D
  9. Isnt it also where all the nonces go to buy young boys? (so I am lead to belive)
  10. Well, I am settled here in the US permanently, being as my missus is American, I've got a greencard. Been here for a year and a half or so, this time around, ever since getting out.

    The reason why I said I'm "currently" living in the US is because no-one knows where you might end up! My 12 years taught me that, got me in this situation in the first place, and leaving the army is no guarantee that you can stay in one place and live happily ever after these days, especially in this country, where the professional workforce is so mobile that getting posted every 2 years looks like child’s play.

    Good points I find about living in the US (I'm in Florida btw Tabber):

    Standard of living in terms of stuff is better (but *only* if you live in one of the cheap(er) states) - We've got the big house with the pool, posh furniture etc etc etc. If you live in California, you get a shoe box.

    Big purchase stuff is cheaper (houses, cars, electronics - but again, state dependent)

    Weather is nicer, plenty to do (again though state dependent - I'm big into boating etc and here in Florida, its great for that).

    Weekends are brilliant

    Bad points about living in the US, that can't be picked up or noticed when you are on a a holiday, or even posted here (this expat lark is far harder than being posted overseas - I thought I'd been everywhere and didn't care much about the UK while in the Army...its a bit different when you are on your tod):

    There is a downside to everywhere in the world. Here, the biggest one is that everyone works a lot, and holidays are unheard of. 2 weeks off a year is the norm. I now know why most Americans do not have passports. This lack of time off really gets on my tits. Cultural difference I think, and it also makes you feel a bit trapped and unable to get away to the UK for a break. And when you like to travel a lot on holiday as well, its a pain.

    Second, in this land of lawyers and paperwork, they are obsessed with paperwork and qualifications, as a rule. That, combined with the different schooling system, means that if you don't have a degree, you are at a distinct disadvantage, no matter what experience you have. I managed to talk my way into a decent job that requires having a degree without one, but you have to put in twice the effort.

    Third, US society is very much about "Me, myself and I". So self centred, once you get past the surface smiles, and good nights out, I have found that the amount of fakeness is far above what goes on in the UK. Also, everyone is much more spread out, there is a lack of sense of community, and its hard to make what I would call proper friends (but then again, am I just used to the Army camaraderie, and it's the same as a civi in the UK these days??).

    Fourth- Defence sector wise, you are almost bolloxed if you are not a US citizen, and sidelined with red tape. It takes a number of years to apply for citizenship, should you want to go that way. Definately not pro-British military in the way Austrailia is for example.

    Fifth - If you should fall on hard times here, you most likely will be right on your arrse, given the lack of healthcare, combined with the I'm alright, Jack attitude (see point three above). There is also a feeling of distinct job insecurity I'd say - as a private sector employee you don't have any rights here really, you can be fired or laid off at the drop of a hat. Conversely, that breeds an attitude of "As soon as I find something better, I'm off". Zero loyalty.

    I could go on all day long about pros and cons. I'm also not naive enough to think if we went back to the Uk, it'd be all sweetness and light (because you get 4 weeks off a year!) - there would be a lot of "Oh my god, given up the pool and mini mansion, boating on weekends year round"! - But I do miss the people, sunday lunches with good friends in the pub, etc. But I'm still trying to figure out if thats because I was a local village type before I joined the army, and thus knew everyone, then joined the army, and got to know everyone in the same boat in a tight knit community. If I was in the UK, I would no doubt be working away from where I grew up, in some faceless commuterville.

    Horses for courses, it takes living abroad without any sort of support network to see clearly - in actual fact, its not so clear, it just complicates things further! Too many choices! 8O
  11. Indeed it is. I went through the gruelling process of applying for a resident visa and got it last year. Juat waiting for it to be made permanent and then whoosh....
  12. I've been considering Canada (specifically Vancouver) as a place to consider relocating to. I've been giving it some thought for a while now, with distant family over there.
  13. Mum has announced her intention to emigrate to Canada, having been working on it for some time. Personally , I really like the place. Sis is buying a place in France, as she speaks the lingo like an SOE op.

    Given enough money , Bermuda every time it's simply beautiful , but I quite like the idea of North Africa, quieter parts of Italy or even the Greek islands.

    Somewhere warm , and within easy travelling distance for the cricket.
  14. Cricket PTP?

    Just to let you know I'll be at the MCG on Boxing Day
  15. DS you're not wrong

    You do see quite a few old german geezers who were very light in the loafers who appear to have young local "friends"

    And the locals blokes stroll round hand in hand in standard arab fashion which always looks a bit beef