Best place to buy No 1 dress?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Invicta, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. Those on here who know me might be aware that I popped the question to the better half last week and she said yes. No dates, venues etc have been decided on, but stag do planning kicked off very quickly (priorities!).

    Anyway, the future Mrs Invicta has expressed an interest in me wearing uniform for the wedding, so I'm keen to find a tailor who will produce me a good quality set of No 1 dress at a decent price. Recommendations wanted please; post replies here or PM me, either is good. I know that there are sets held at Chicksands that people borrowed in the past, but I've also been told that they aren't in the best condition these days and there almost certainly won't be any in my size.

    Oh, suggestions for the stag party location (countries/towns/bars/hotels etc) are more than welcome. The best man and I have already had some preliminary discussions, but nobody has a monopoly on good ideas! (Standing by for the inevitable filth & depravity)
  2. As you are aware Invicta, you can only use official suppliers to purchase No 1 Dress. The Official suppliers for the Intelligence Corps are Gieves and Hawkes, 1 Savile Row, London W1.

    Although they cater almost exclusively for Officers uniforms, I believe they will run you up a nice little set of No 1 Dress with Chevrons and Medal Ribbons and accessories such as a White Belt withg Corps Motif for the very reasonable price of £899 + VAT

    The waiting time is less than 2 weeks after they have taken your measurements ! I have been happy with my No 1 Dress for the past 30 years now and wear it whenever I can to the many Fetish Clubs in the Metropolis.
  3. Insanely good price, their bespoke business suits are now £4,800.
  4. Is that before, during or after the ceremony?
  5. Sounds insane? That's because it is (or a crap WAH). I went in to see about a new SD last year and nearly had a coronary.

    So nearly 3 grand without the belt or rankings. Why the 1p? Dunno. Overalls would be another £125.

    I can't remember what my kit cost from Thieves in the mid '80s, I think it was well over £1500 (admittedly, that's for the lot including hats and things.)

    On the other hand, Goldings will do it for:

  6. check your pms
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Get yourself over to Milan for the January sales (go mid-month to avoid the Japs), 500 quid gets you a bespoke Valentino or similiar which they will tailor down to perfection before posting on to you.
    Off the shelf stuff works too if you are not a hippo or a basket ball player....but the collection stuff runs are the dogs..
  8. I was of course talking about the price in the late 1970s and hadn't allowed for inflation.

    Still Invicta, you could always borrow an Officers No 1 Dress as I have seen some JNCOs wearing recently !
  9. set currently on e-bay for £5.59!

    expect to pay about £100 to have them tailored another £100 to have themchanged to Int Corps (green stripes, rank and buttons etc).

    or, you shouldbe able to get a second hand set from any garrison tailor for under £500.

    Groom, regardless of rank, may wear officers' gold epaulettes. About another £50.

    As for stag parties, well mummies know best............ Knew someone who had a 'stag forthnight' 1st week in ibiza, 2nd in blackpool. Beat that!

  10. Michael Jay Tailoring on the darkside of Stowmarket was very quick and reasonable when I required a set.
  11. Hopefully all three, though they may loose us our deposit at the reception venue. Must keep a mop and bucket to hand.....

    Thanks for all the sensible suggestions; WAHs are to be expected! I may find a more reasonable price for a new set if I shop around, though am fully aware that these things are not cheap. I know two other SNCOs who have had sets made in the last couple of years with out breaking the bank. I will try to get hold of them in the new year, but will explore the second hand option as well.

    Keep the stag do venue suggestions coming please. So far we are considering Berlin, Amsterdam, Tallin, Cracow, York & Edinburgh. The criteria are anywhere that is easy to get to (using budget airlines for outside the UK). I've been to all the places mentioned previously and they are all worth a return trip.
  12. Avoid Kashketts, they are more of a factory now
  13. Thanks, I will give Michael Jay a call and avoid Kashketts.

    arclight999, can I be a bit cheeky and ask you to PM me how much you paid & if that included stripes, buttons etc? I understand if that is a bit much to ask.
  14. Here we go again....
  15. Doesn't he also get RSM's rate of pay for the day and his bride can use the CO's car and driver to get her to the ceremony ? That's genuine; it's in QRs and a mate of mine who's a clerk knew someone who did this.

    Best of luck, Invicta, but I would avoid Blackpool...unless you go there in a post-ironic way. Tallinn by Ryanair. Fantastic place for good food, booze, sightseeing and a very easy-on-the-eye female population.