Best place to buy mess dress?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by kingsofleon, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. sorry if it has already been covered but ive just been quoted £850 plus vat.
    is this about right im RLC on ops so cant really check with anyone.
  2. You are being ripped off mate.

    Do a search, there are loads of threads on here.
  3. I got mine from £400 ish. Pricey, but better than what you have already been quoted.


    Edited to put not .com
  4. try the corps officers' shop at Deepcut may have second hand stuff that you can get tailor to fix for you.

    £850 sounds about right...
  5. Would highly recommend your RLC mess dress is £495 normally less than a 4 week order
  6. Have to disagree! £850.00 sounds pricey, even for WO1/Officers Pattern, unless it includes collarless double cuffed shirt, braces, boots and spurs.
  7. We had a RSM who thought it was a great idea to make the JNCO mess fork out for a mess dress.That was five years ago and I have only worn it three times,now our mess has gone back to suit.As I have a short time left in the army and would take a act of god for me to get to the Sgt mess I have a RA mess dress for sale if any one wants it, cheap at 150 pound,give me a shout if you want it
  8. I thought they were going to bring in an allowance for Mess Dress now !!
  9. I believe the official line is (or was) that they are looking at bringing in an allowance. This could be translated into "Not in your lifetime".


    Or who accommodated me greatly on quick delivery and were reasonably priced too.
  11. Let your wife live out her fantasy, I will flog you my old RCT Mess Kit :)
  12. Go and speak to your pay office, collect £455 in cash or cheque.
    I got mine from Corps tailor, free shirt, half price boots, paid £144 of my own money and got my medals done locally for £60 :D