Best place to buy an ex-Army landie

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Sid_Ruff, Nov 7, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone point me in the right direction so i can help my friend find an ex-Army landrover, preferably LHD and SWB?

  2. don't! in a word... they're often (usually) ragged and under-serviced.

    No offence to any REME here or anything, just typically the quality of Landy you get when buying ex-Army is lower than a civvy one for the above reasons!

    If you must, Witham hold a lot of ex-Army stock. If not, buy yourself a copy of Land Rover monthly, it's a good read and is full of ads and classifieds at the back that always have Army landys.
  3. I'll get you one for £2K cash. You may have to change the plates though.
  4. Many thanks for the heads-up.
  5. Would that be a black and white 6 digit plate? hehe!
  6. seen a few on ebay, including lightweights and 101s
  7. My bold, I know you weren't really having a dig at the REME but the fact they maybe "ragged and under serviced" would've been indictative of a unit's lack of vehicle husbandry and equipment care, the REME aren't responsible for servicing a Regiment's fleet nor is it responsible for the mong driving that you see within a unit. :)
  8. Try the adverts in the back of Land Rover Owner Magazine.
    Also you could try their classified section & their online forum for more info.
  9. "Ex, MOD military vehicals and equipment "Google is your friend
  10. Brilliant, thanks for all the help guys.
  11. absolutely, that's completely what I meant.

    I just didn't want any REME-types getting the hump.

    But we all know that many Army types believe that, because the vehicle doesn't belong to them personally, and will get replaced if they break it, the vehicle is 'disposable' and doesn't need to be given any care. And thus, many ex-Army Land Rovers are in a bit of a state.

    Buy yourself a civvy 90 pick up, you can get a frame and rear 'canvas' (new rubber type, much better) for cheap and if you really like the Army thing, buy a load NATO Green or Desert Paint here. For the normal Army engine, a 2.8 straight Diesel will cover it - but for a little more you can treat yourself to a 300Tdi - same as fitted to Wolf vehicles - and have it upgraded to Mil. standard by J.E Engineering.

    It'll probably cost you less, and give you a better vehicle.