Best place holiday west England?

Am thinking of a holiday next year. Aiming for western England, a rural area and near a largish town.
Mainly for hill walking, pubs, village's and p & q. Need to be near a largish town for shopping, strolling around the shops and general R & R.

But, which town has most to offer to a tourist, without the 'orrible tourist trap shyte?

Shrewsbury, Leominster, Ludlow, Hereford, Ledbury or Worcester?

I know Ledbury & Hereford, but that was ages ago!!!

I live on the continent, so I cannot nip over to test the waters! Hope someone can point me in the right direction!

Thanking you u for your time.
Keep going and enter God's Country..;)

The only 2 I know are Hereford and Leominster, wouldn't stay for long in either on holiday, okay for a day visit but that's about it. You could try a bit further south and think about Ross, Monmouth or Abergavenny all nice and very close to some great walking areas and decent pubs.

The Forest of Dean is cracking, just beware of the locals and the wild boar, both can be nasty if provoked. Some excellent walking and some of the views from places like Symonds yat are truly spectacular. Only 3/4 hour drive from Brecon Beacons, or from Gloucester if you fancy a night out with yokels. The Speech House is pretty good, the Miners Arms is another good eatery, try and stay away from Coleford itself as that is a bit ropey.


Drop Tropper/jim24 a PM; he's bound to have an opinion that he'd be willing to share.
Forest of Dean area, it must be!

Don't know the area but it looks promising.
If we managed to find decent accommodation near Monmouth, that would place us slap bang in the centre of the Brecons, FoD, Bath, Ledbury (childhood memories there!) and the Black Mountains. Malvern within driving distance.
Symonds Yat looks like a very good viewing point. Town of Gloucester also decent?
Thanks for the warning about Coleford, I have asterisked it on the map already.
One last question: it seems that Monmouth lies in Wales. Is it safe yet to go to Wales if I speak with a non-Welch accent?


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Coleford is a hole....some really nice villages round here though. The Ostrich in Newland is good for a pint or 5. Loads of good scoff houses too. The crosskeys inn just past Symonds Yat is very good
Leominster - on holiday - ha ha ha ha ha.

Sorry. Don't do that to yourself.
Bollocks to that mate, keep going SW until you reach Pembrokeshire :) It's a quality place to visit.



I would recommend Exmoor. Many happy times spent walking round there. Relatively unspoit, pretty villages with good pubs, most of which do decent grub. Large supermarket at Minehead close by (but don't go to Minehead looking for entertainment). Try going self catering in Porlock or Dunster (some of the hotels are a rip off). Wherever you choose, enjoy your holiday :)
Exmoor is undoubtably picturesque, watch out for the Big Black Moggies, though!
Forest is good. Close to Monmouth, Ross, Gloucester, Chepstow. Great walking in the Forest itself and the Wye Valley. Just DO NOT (I say again: DO NOT) ask the locals who killed the bear. This will go down like a bucket of cold sick. You could visit the Glasshouse on May Hill (just outside the Forest) - cracking pub with world's rudest landlord.
Did Exmoor recently. Stayed in self catering in the Quantocks ann spent quality time on the train (STEAM!!! Hubba, hubba, loads of fun: do not lean out of the window etc.) to Dunster (and Exmoor, excellent beer, and all) and all those other lovely villages along the line.
Very good :thumright:
Done Cornwall but not DrMartens country, one for the future.
Ah, there are so many great places to discover, and I'm talking southern England alone! All the rest, some time....


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Exmoor / Dartmoor or New Forest.

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