Best place for second hand PLCE online/mail order

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by slimjim, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Might have been asked before, I thought I would ask again as I guess suppliers change, prices change etc

    Where's the best place for second hand water bottle or utility pouches, my local surplus shop is out and aren't expecting any for month or so

    Cheers 8)
  2. Look mate,

    Don't buy second hand webbing mail order. You will get sent a piece of shit that cant be sold in a shop because its so shit, and because you ordered it in the knowledge that it was second hand, so they are perfectly within their rights to send you a moody worthless piece of shit and not give you your money back.

    Buy from Jasper. Diamond Geezer, and the cheapest supplier of genuine new PLCE kit in the UK
  3. ukkitmonster sell reasonably-priced stuff; never bought any, so can't vouch for quality. cadet direct rip the arrse out of the prices, but they are normally quite good. If the stuff they send is (in your opinion) cr@p, then ring 'em up and complain in your gruffest voice, and the civvy on the phone will normally back down.
    Don't use Britkit. The stuff is cheap, but is fake, and not up to PLCE standards
  4. Strikeforce and kitmonster both get my vote, not at all walty, and sell the proper kit at excellent prices (especially strikeforce, check out their ebay store, sell the likes of new plce w.b pouches for a tenner!)
  5. Wicked, that will do, worth the extra couple of quid for new 8)
  6. Cheers lads :D

    Bravo, I've spotted the Britkit stuff on the net, the prices seemed to good to be true :lol: