Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Hitlerwasabitnaughty, Sep 22, 2003.

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  1. Have to say the dining room at the now defunct Trooping Centre at RAF Hendon. (As was)

    Dining room in Catterick Barracks, Bielefeld.

    Also the Schnell Imbiss in front of Mossbank Barracks, Bielefeld. They did a great Gyros Pitta! Yum yum yum after expending energy and drinking time avoiding the slappers at PC69!
  2. Tony's chippy or a curry at Johnny Gurkhas, both in the Shot. :D
  3. Tony's chippy?

    Just by the Peggy?

    Bloody hell that was going when I was a kid! Spot on chip suppers it did then too!
  4. The very same.

    It was a sight to see of a weekend all the lads staggering back up the hill in various states of undress scoffing a bag of chips and necking a bottle of Newcastle brown.

    By some strange coincidence both tended to be on the floor by the side of your pit the next morning, bet David Blaine couldn't do that.
  5. Gyros station on Stifsallee, just outside Kingsley Barracks Minden

    Awesome... Halb Hanchen pommes mayo
  6. Fcuk me Banjo, you must have been leathered. Tonys was rotten. I remember getting a bag of chips there, and it was just a big ball of grease and spud.

    The best place to eat in Aldershot was Chequers Cafe across the road from the Top Hat. The "Man-size" breakfast was fooking gorgeous. We used to spend most of Saturday morning in there waiting for the pub to open.

    The large ham and mushroom with extra mushroom from Henrys pizza near the Queens was hard to beat as well. I used to try and get mine eaten before I got to Knollys road roundabout. The next morning, the whole roof of my mouth would be one big blister from the molten lava cheese. Oh, how i'd laugh, on the way to the Serious Burns Unit.
  7. High tea in The Ritz, in London. Can't beat that for tea and cake.
  8. ME mums!
    homemade broth and then steak and mushroom pie!
  9. Ah the Ritz; splendid. Endless sarnies and cakes. At about 1930 the Palm Court becomes the Cocktail Bar - Wifebeater £8/bottle! Unfortunately rather too full of septic tourists for my liking, although the dress code keeps the worst at bay.

    Simpson's in the Strand is famous for roast beef and their cocktail bar is superb. Quite cheap too, for London.

    Claridge's Reading Room restaurant is not as fancy as Gordon Ramsey, but very reasonable and with superb service. Excellent lavatories: have a piss whilst uniformed attendant fills washbasin for you and then stands by with towel. After dinner have coffee in armchair by fire where Churchill used to sit.
  10. Greasy joes in Bulford in late 80's for the mother of all fry ups following a heavy one the night before.

    Oyster bar in Harrods is very pleasent, champagne goes down a treat with half a dozen and hot spicy sauce.
  11. Don't know if it still exists, but the best fillet steak I ever had was in the
    "Troika Room" at the White Bear, in Singers. Poked it with my knife, and the blood spurted all over the table cloth. Did bugger-all for my chances with the bird I was trying to impress. Happy days!

    :D :D
  12. Tea on the lawn at Buck House, of course - the sarnies might not be absolutely the best, but the company, my dears ...!?!
  14. Johhny Gurkhas is indeed still going, and is still splendidly eccentric.