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Discussion in 'REME' started by TITANBD, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Hi there! I'm about to begin my Tech Storeman course at Deepcut and wanted to know where the best place to get posted will be after Phase 2 training. Apparantly Tech Storeman seem to have a bit more choice as where they wish to be posted after their trade training. Is it possible to work as a Tech Storeman in the RAF or Navy because I hear that they seem to have better singles living quarters than us mere Army mortals?
    I would prefer a UK posting but who knows what fate has in store.
  2. First Line, First Line, First Line. If you are lucky you'll get either infantry or cavalry, both excellent.
  3. You joined the Army pal. I don't think any CO would look too kindly if you applied to go to another service arm. Go for first line Units, inf cav, arty etc.
    Keep the above opinion to yourself in case you get a posting to a REME Bn or training establishment.
    :? :?
  4. Whatever did you join up for if you want to saty in the UK. One of the attractions of the army used to be that you travelled and as a single soldier I can't think of a worse situation than being posted in the UK. Sorry mate but your whole attitude puzzles me.
  5. Agreed, but long gone are the days when you could get every new lad posted to Germany as a first tour in the 80's and 90's. I was amased at the amount of potential applicants who used to come into the careers office a few years back saying that they wanted to come into the Army but be based near their home town. :roll: Get out enjoy the world, I was posted over 14 years abroad and loved it, now back in the UK for my last few and its pish.
  6. I would recommend a 1st line unit, any, in Paderborn, Germany. Guaranteed the best time of your life......or your money back!

    <======but I'm an oxygen thief.....what would I know??
  7. I'll bet things were a bit different in the days of BAOR, LOA, tax freebies etc. Mind you I'm sure there's a fair amount of skank still over there. If that's what you're after of course.
    :p :p :p
  8. avoid 9 supply regiment. anyone been to 14 geo sqn munchengladbach as ive been offered there. im a vm(b).
  10. cheers iron, not sure about the Arrse mech comment though
  11. Best place for postings....Records. They have the monopoly there.
  12. Hey smudge I did that a few weeks ago, you nicking my idea?
    I had to bin it though as even more people were ignoring me than usual.
  13. 1st line Germany for you young man, come on, do it. Busy but active in work on ops or social. Give it a go and if you don't like it fu*k off back to your mummy’s apron strings in UK. Try tanks or Inf you will get more challenge and responsibility.
  14. Used to be given a block of postings to share out among the VMs passing out of PMC…. I am sure other departments had the same task. REME life would have gone through exactly what it was like in the different environments so the lads knew a little….also with working so close to the lads during their training…This was probably the fairest selection they could get for a first posting.
    I would have them think about their future put in a preference of posting to me …not the official crap.. Career planning as such was just starting…. my intention was to first put these young soldiers where they wanted to go….. The criteria being that if you did well at PMC in certain roles then XY or Z would be the sort of place you would shine.
    First of all I would put a map on the wall with a pin showing each and every posting BFPO numbers etc then after reading the submitted preference would interview each apprentice.
    I had a few years service under my belt…. I wish I had written down some of the reasons these lads gave for wanting a particular posting…I am sure some would still have to remain a closely guarded secret…. There was a fifty fifty split with ones wanting UK postings.
    Being a little savvy I knew what was going on in the units that had postings to be filled. Maybe they were just about to go to BAOR or just about to Return…. I also knew which would be my first preferences..
    It was easy to sort out the first batch, the brilliant tradesmen more or less got what they wanted. Guided a little by advice from those in the know. Their company commanders and Sergeant Majors all from different arms would give sound advice….The second batch almost as easy…Then the downfall There were a handful of postings I knew were crap along with a handful of lads that really could have done with something better for a first posting…
    If they found it hard at PMC then I felt sorry they would be going to these places…. The only consolation maybe REME records would give them a better second posting… so the only way was up.
    Finally if any two three of four lads wanted to swap among themselves they were welcome to come into my office and talk it over with me… there were a few did just that.
    So if you have just finished your REME Career and started it in PMC….. Hope I gave you a good first posting…?
  15. any where but not near your home town, you join to see the world not your local paper shop otherwise you might aswell be a glue ssniffing deadbeat, just like the hoodys