Best place for HIM to work

Bliar has just stated that there was no need for him to come back from Sharm-el-Shaik after the tsunami as he was able to work from there just as well as if he had been at 10 Downing Street. He had excellent contacts with Pieman Prescott, Blah Blah Straw and Lord Stansfield-to-be.
If that is the case, where else could he work from?
I suggest Saddam City Baghdad would be quite nice this time of year for him and satchel mouth. Should be able to get staff cheaply - none would live long enough to draw their first pay packet.
Suprising how well you can get a grasp of the situation and a feel from the public with the assistance of CNN and a secure line to the folks back home!!!!! Pity he doesn't just stay there and become a Muslim convert. It is the fastest growing religeon on earth and he could get a newer model of Cherrrrie!!!!!!! wrapped in bukka!!!!!! I'd call him a w**ker but the word is to good!!! :evil:

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