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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jock_sinclair, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. Hope this hasnt been done before. My boss is casting around for ideas for annual camp next year. We are specialist unit with a lot of officers, so we need places with lots of facilities and units to train with. My sugestion of bermuda was ruled out straight away, but somewhere not a sh-thole wld be good. Will need half decent oficers mess to keep them happy! In past we have used Castlemartin (too far from anything), Knook (Dump), Cyprus (V nice but wont get that again), Senelager. What are your favourites?
  2. Cyprus first choice. If there's digging to do , STANTA . If there's a shedload of tabbing to do , STANTA. If you want crap food, but excellent beer and a historical tour thrown in , Arlon. If you want to dig in, and imagine 3rd shock appearing out of the pre-dawn gloom , Sennelager.

    Dream location , anywhere in Hamerica without moscritters, bloody great mountains and has fine looking women. So any training area in the general region of Iowa.

    Hope that helps :)
  3. That does sound a bit 'Bone'!

    Does that imply that if a unit didn't have a lot of officers, it wouldn't need lots of facilities and units to train with? If you go about annual camps like that, let the minority of the TA (officers) have the majority of the 'happy', 'comfortable' or 'sunny' camps, the majority (ORs) are going to see the TA as a bit of an "officer's club" and decide that it's not worth the bother.

    It is of course logical that not every camp can be in a sunshine location as Cyprus and Gib can only take so many units per year. But what happy's there are should be spread out evenly amongst all units and not have specialist officer 'heavy' units getting priority. Most officers would benefit just as much (if not more) from a couple of weeks in the rain under a basher, as the lads would.

    Hope you get Nescliff or Sennybridge!
  4. Bone it may be, pilot. I was trying to not id the unit with too much info, but enuff to say it is ALL officer other than me, an ex reg NCO who helps their admin. It has a specialist brainy role. They dont do infantry and dont have own instructors or tp to train, so Senny is wasted on them. Not for a moment suggesting they should get all the sunshine posts, for the very reasons you make. But there is an element of practicality involved, and I dont see that two weeks under a basha would achieve much. My request stems from fact that I havent been to many TA camp venues, so am looking for help.

    Part-time pong, thanks for your +ve suggestions. Are their TA camps at STANTA - i've only been there on ex.
  5. Well if they don't want a training area as such and need a unit to sponsor/support it because they can't do it themselves, then stick to the UK's major units. It may not be exciting for the little darlings, but you wanted simplicity and practicallity and the only place to guarantee that is in the UK. Unless you fancy trying to get an all officer unit with their personal admin up their hoops from the UK to anywhere else, without major incident? And don't forget, you've then got to get them back WITH all thier kit.
  6. Agreed. Perhaps I confused the issue with my gag about Bermuda. Lets start again. Am looking for a camp in the UK which has training facilities, major units brigade trg teams etc on hand. Anyone got suggestions? Someone has sugested redford in edinburgh but i dont know whats there.
  7. Tidworth, Aldershot, Catterick.
  8. Redford barracks in Edinburgh would probably cover all your needs. Give them a bell and see how you get on. Also great facilities on hand and the city centre not spitting distance from the front gate.
  9. Break them, take them to Kircudbright.
  10. There are JS , I think centred on Bodney? I seem to remember an unpleasant experience associated with sleeping in the same beds and accomodation as the 8th Air Force used to use . Area is fantastic though , very very pleasant in Summer, (though very spooky at night on the airfield) plenty of places to get wet, and Greene King IPA all around. R+R nothing to shout about though , as local seaside towns seem to be full of inbreds.

    However, playing on the OBUA facility is tremendous, especially if you had SAWES available
  11. LOL.. even the devil cries off if Kircudbright is mentioned