Best Place for a Drink

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bored-DOC, Oct 26, 2004.

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  1. Got to stay in Uxbridge for a couple of nights. So does anyone know anywhere decent to drink? No, I'm not a crab!
  2. Get on the Metropolitan line and have a drink in London!
  3. Thanks, wasn't sure how close to tube etc was going to be.

    Best go to Punch and Judy then! :twisted: and get young subby leathered.
  4. I see,
    It’s a preamble to sex with a young man...
    So gay bars in the area is more accurate... :roll:

    Beebs :wink:
  5. Depends what you want.

    The ZanziBar, on the way to the station, is supposed to be ok. Avoid any temptation to visit the Royale nightclub; it is similar to Emma's in Gosport but with worse locals. All local pubs are full of shaven-headed football-shirt wearing chavs, watching ball-kicking on large tv screens, and beer is v. expensive.

    You may well wish to eat out (when you see the food you'll understand why), in which case I recommend Pizza Express (attractive Polish and Spanish waitresses) or the Raj for curry.

    Mr PVR'd's advice is sensible, but the last train back is at about 2330. If you have transport (and someone willing to drive), Chalfont St Giles isn't far and has 5 or 6 good pubs. Just between there and Amersham, on the London Road, is a particularly good pub (The Ivy House), which has exceptional real ales and good food.

    The Mess bar is often deserted, but the Padre now lives in, is ex Scots Guards, good company and likes a beer!
  6. Or failing that go to Harrow. Loads of bars, but some chavs too I'm afraid.