Best place for a date in London?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dashing_Chap, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Hello chaps,

    I’ve managed somehow to acquire the attention of a young, Polish, filly; she’s quite the catch with chocolaty brown eyes & dark hair, a petite constitution & fine features, quite a divine being to behold! She reminded me a little of the venerable Ms A. Hepburn, especially when she leaned back in her chair with her cappuccino. When I went to order some more drinks at the bar some fellow approached me to remark on her, which made me feel even more paranoid. 8O I’m hoping to spend as much time as possible with her & am certain the fragrant farts from such a darling creature could contend directly with the fresh aroma of daisies on a sunny April day. :)

    I’ve taken her for one date thus far & I don’t think it was too disastrous, I managed to give her a quick peck on the cheek as it finished, rather than a full on snog in public as it’s rather bad form & I wanted to play it cool, I suppose I held back a little too as I was quite terrified, I fear I’m really quite taken with her. :oops:

    I want to take her on another date as the location of the first one wasn’t really appropriate, we were in a bar full of oogling football fans & there wasn’t much to converse about. Communication was quite difficult at times too; she even had a Polish-English dictionary. Naturally this is all part of my cunning plan as I ascertained it would be a little easier to put one up the hoop of a foreign girlie & get away with it, :p than try it with a well established English girl who knows it’s not usually the done thing!

    Do you chaps happen to know any decent places in the city where I could take the young lady :? Bear in mind that as a first-jobber-graduate-type I’m not overly affluent as yet, so any places that are kind to my wallet would be best. I’m considering maybe the Tate Modern? The art would give us something to talk about & maybe the more obscene pieces might make her feel quite brisk? I could then take her for a coffee on the top floor. Greenwich might be quite nice too with the park et al.

    I remain your most humble & obedient servant, &tc.

  2. won kie (spelling) in China town, otherwise DC i can always lend a hand, i am more gentle than MDN ;-)
  3. If she's anything like the young Polish birds in my neck of the woods, then the venue and actions on are easy

    Find a Travelodge, bung her £100 and set your alarm for 2 hours. They're even polite enough to take the used willy bags home with em :)
  4. Spaghetti House on Goodge Street.

    Not too pricey, nice food, nice staff, good ambience. Near the tube, central. Some nice pubs a round (but full of advertising, media types)

    Guaranteed Underwear loosener.
  5. That's a good point actually old boy, one of the other managers at my workplace married a Polish lady, last I heard' she's off to Poland with everything he has!

    Tho I don't think I have much to give mark you, other than some spiffy suits, my collection of historical books & an unhealthily large collection of obscene internet paraphernalia. :wink:

  6. Sounds to me like communications is a bit of a problem. Short of learning Polish, best to take her to somewhere that doesn't encourage discourse yet facilitates intercourse.

    If you can't afford a motel, take her to Richmond Park or somewhere and shove a length up her back passage whilst showing her the rhodendenrums. They're quite pretty at this time of year, it'll give her something to tell her family about back home.
  7. I never realised we had so many romantic souls on here.
  8. Richmond park sounds quite classy, as I withdraw my throbber I could sniff the evening air gently to test my theory of her own aromatic product versus the pansies.

  9. Bring her round to my place, I'll check out her...
    ... while you wash my car.
    Would you like her back in one rubble sack or two?
  10. Take her to the Tower of London... interesting and entertaining.

    As for restaurants, Belgo's is great and non too pricey, theres one near covent garden and another near aldwych on the Kingsway.


    edited for being a mong and to add web address.
  11. Depends on what you want tbh - there's a great Belgian pub on Drury lane (can't remember the name off-hand - google it yourself) that does loads of beers and good food (Moules et Frites to Steaks to other stuff) - might sound "blokey" because of the beer, but it is a good place to go and quite a relaxed place.

    If you want a good little restaurant I would recommend Le Garrick on Garrick street (Bistro style French food) and perhaps a few drinks either at the good old smells-a-bit funny pub, The Lamb and Flag or around Covent Garden (the bar above the market, Fuel,is a good bet for a good cocktail and a view) - avoid the bars around the Market in your current situation as they are over-priced but full of f&nny at the weekend.

    You could goto the Tate Britain then walk up into Pimlico/Victoria for a few pints (Warwick Way has a few good pubs on it) then goto a cracking little vietnamese restaurnt "Mekong" around the corner.

    Again what are you after? Loads of places but it depends on what you want to do! (apart from getting a pass into her knickers).

    Also let me know what area you to go out in - blokes in the office tend to cover most of London.
  12. London Eye

    Rivoli Bar at the Ritz

    Somewhere in Shephards Market (couple of nice french places, failing that interesting polish mexican gaff)

    If going to shephards market, first parade bint at Kings head for all interested to see whether its worth cutting your grass or not!
  13. if you are in "the city" then if you want to be flash you have got the Gaucho grill by tower bridge, I took my misses there and she was very impressed(and is not as expensive as you think)

    for a bit cheaper you have got the All bar 1 on butlers Warf that over looks tower bridge! also with summer coming it is very nice to stand in the sunshine.
  14. Would have thought Pie & Peas was more in your line