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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by allgone2ratsh1t, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. Am after advice as to which is the best of phone at the moment. I wont touch Blackberry though.

    Need email
    and all other usual bits.

    My contract is up for renewal and the iphone comes highly recommended but also taken by the HTC, Sony Experia and the Samsung Tocco.

    Any advice greatly appreciated, abuse even more so

  2. Wait for the Iphone 5 and get that...Samsung NO Sony NO HTC def NOT

    It will do what you have stated and do it all well...Atm the HTC has a better camera but it wont have once the IP5 is released
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I would say either Samsung Galaxy 2 or iphone5. I have the iphone 4 and love it.
  4. HTC have some serious software problems. Avoid.
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  5. My HTC is fine.
  6. HTC and Samsung are very good. I have had an HTC phone for three years now and have had no problems. Also the developer community is very good at keeping these phones up to date, long after they have been forgotten by the manufacturers. The best of the bunch )at the moment are the Samsung Galaxy II and the HTC Sensation. The Sensation has now been upgraded to the Sensation XE with a more powerful 1.5GHz cpu making it the most powerful on sale in the UK (as of next week). The Iphone 5 is yet to be announced but whatever it's specification it is likely to cost you significantly more per month.
    Go down to somewhere like carphone wharehouse and have a play side by side, then come home home and try and batter your current phone provider down on price.

    Here is your starter for ten:

    Mobile Phone Contracts: Haggle right & save £600/year...
  7. The new HTCs are proving to be something of a 'mare, as Dinger has stated. iPhones are just shit. Newer BlackBerry models aren't great in some cases either. My advice is buy a used, older BlackBerry, like a 8310. Bombproof. Or, as a left-field choice, I scored a Spactard Monkeychild K888 Super Fried Wasp Chinese iPhone copy and it's bob on. Camera ain't great, but does email, Internet, music etc. And takes 2 SIMs. My Doris drowned it one evening in some white wine muck and it still worked after a period of rehab under a lamp.
  8. What the **** is an I-Phone?
  9. No iphone five for quite a while, the 4.x will replace the 4.

    If you're not brilliant with smart phones, and want easy to use/set up, then iphone 4 is ideal. If you want more options and like customising, then go Android with Samsung or Sony.
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  10. I have had no problems with my HTC, I quite like it. I wouldn't fart on an IPhone, my IPOD Touch is enough to show me that it would be shit. What is with itunes and wanting to erase my IPOD?
  11. Having previously road tested Blackberry & Iphone, the latter wins hands down however it's personal preferance,

    I agree the iphone is'nt perfect but outclasses the Blackberry, HTC & similar platform phones.
  12. Set it up properly would help
  13. I've got a Samsung Galaxy 2 and it's canny like.
  14. I started with an iPhone, then went to a Blackberry Curve and then a HTC Wildfire and am now back with an iPhone 4. The iPhone out classes Blackberry and HTC in my opinion.
  15. and how does one do that. All I did was buy a new laptop, install itunes shite and followed the on screen instructions, the laptop is the second computer the IPOD is authorised to sync with.