Best phone/post stitch ups for revenge

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thegimp, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. Got an absolute toilet bidding on my shit on eb$y and then refusing to pay or communicate

    I managed to google stalk the weirdo fanatsist and have his phone number and address. Spoke to him and he was beyond fucking annoying

    No doubt eb€y will deal with him administratively, but my urge to fuck him around is huge

    So, if some one hypothetically wanted to bother the cunt with painful pointless phone calls and mail what would members of arrse hypothetically sign him up for

    Recently i made the mistake of putting my number into a multi estate agent website, i've been plagued ever since with phone calls and emails, may be a good starting point
  2. It's Sunday the papers are full of time shares, impotency cures, hernia curing pants and poor people's Tupperware.
    Fill anything in that's freepost, they will bother him until eternity.
    They sell the addresses and come for years and years.
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  3. Either go to his house and strike him in the face, or post him a Jiffy bag full of dogshit. Unless you're a teenage girl or screaming queen, why would you want to stitch someone up on the internet?
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  4. You might be doing him a favour there though Jarrod. Sounds like the bidder may need all of that anyway if the OPs description of him is anything like.
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  5. Better yet, hand deliver said Jiffy bag. Place in doorstep, set alight, press door bell, retire to a distance considered safe with regard to just how far dog shit goes when stamped on.

    Works best if The Official Receiver habitually wears Jesus Creepers or Crocs. Which he probably does.
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  6. Looking for minimum effort maximum nause
  7. Agree with Jarrod. Readers Digest is the way forward ;-)
  8. Beware my next Fleabay tosser ;-)
  9. Whats your ebayID?
  10. Don't tell him, Pike!
  11. Car insurance websites never leave you alone if you make the mistake of giving them your actual phone number....
  12. Fuck off you car-owning-insurance walt. You haven't got a car.
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  13. Yes I have.