Best Phone Coverage in Blandford?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by BiggestGeekInTheCorp, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. I'm sure that this question must have come up before, but the Search function being what it is I'll ask it again....

    I'm hoping to get a posting to the home of the Royal Corp shortly. This “happy” event coinsides nicely with my Orange contract being due for renewal. Blandford is famously bad for mobile phone signals, so which company currently provides the best coverage of camp? I'd like to be able to continue life without a landline so (DHE dependent) I may need coverage at Pond Bottom.
  2. Vodafone. Everything else seems to play up.

    Though the lack of available quarters on camp will mean you'll probably be living nearer Poole. :p
  3. Vodafone as the mast that feeds the others is on the wrong side of the water tower and iirc facing the wrong bloody way.
  4. Went one year with O2 and got now signal, went last year with vodaphone, fair bent the needle on my vswr (good buddy )
  5. I had to dump orange for vodafone when i got here.
  6. Cheers gents. I'll not be getting an iphone then.
  7. There has been talk/press releases of Vodafone and Orange combining their mast coverage in the not too distant future.
  8. No 3G from Vodafone yet though !
  9. I agree, definitely Vodafone. I had O2 there fairly recently and it was rubbish. Unless you like standing on one leg whilst leaning out of the kitchen window!
  10. I find land line the best....................
  11. 3G on Vodaphone however i still hang out of the kitchen window on one leg because there's nothing like fitting in!!! lol
  12. It's the School of Signals therefore nothing is going to work. Try tin cans and string.
  13. You are "hoping" for a posting there?

    Whatever phone you get make sure it has a speed dial for your shrink.
  14. Sooo, any update on this 3G coverage with 02? Vodafone?

    On a course there soon
  15. Get an HTC Desire on Vodafone. Good signal, excellent phone.