Best part of being a soldier

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by edd1989, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. I have wanted to be a soldier for over 3 years now. When I am 18 I hope to be privileged enough to stand along soldiers in the infantry.
    So I am curious, what is the best part of being a soldier, and the worst? Any regrets, anything you wish you did, anything you wish you didn't.
    Much appreciated
  2. You can shag mingers and the blokes dont bat an eyelid :lol:
  3. Well I suppose there are perks to every job. That will be my answer from now every time someone asks me "so why do you want to join the army."
  4. Best part is coming home and realising your not one of the scumbag coke heads hanging on the street corner with no direction in life. Plus Travel
  5. Would it be possible for you to video the moment that tell you mum and dad that and post it on here?
  6. 1. Cameraderie.
    2. Sense of purpose / serving your country.
    3. Making a difference in some parts of the World (Iraq not counted).
    4. Guns.
    5. Making stuff go "bang".
    6. The sensation of a hot shower and a bit of "personal admin" after a long and hard exercise.
    7. Not being a civvy.
    8. Dashing outfits.
    9. Boggling the minds of your civvy mates with obscure expressions and vast array of three letter acronyms.
  7. My experience of that was erm... fun :roll:
  8. They would break the camera. They'll be annoyed enough with that answer, but wait until I tell them I am going in as a squaddie, they think/want me to go in as an officer. Something that I just don’t think is for me.

    So basically they'll kill me, I have more chance of survival if I was standing in the middle of Basra, on a stepladder, doing the YMCA and a target painted on my chest. They are not going to be happy.
  9. in no particular order....

    the best
    1. boozing is a recognised activity during working hours on some occasions.
    2. opportunities for doing things you aren't meant to, but want to.
    3. all civvies you meet automatically believe you are hard.
    4. you don't have to think about what to wear.
    5. blowing things up.
    6. driving enormous tonka toys.
    7. shooting at things.
    8. practical jokes.
    9. you work with some people who are genuinely hilarious- both intentionally and unintentionally.
    10. cameraderie.
    11. man tests
    12. cause and effect is not understood, especially when point 1 is in force- resulting in enormously funny accidents and damage. which can be covered up by point 10.

    the worst
    1. moving your stuff around on an almost annual basis.
    2. having to cancel weekends with very little notice.
    3. utter boredom, which can hopefully be alleviated by point 9 above.
    4. being based in sh1tholes miles from civilisation.
    5. travelling miles every weekend.
    6. travelling miles back every weekend with a hangover that would kill a civvy.
    7. chain of commands odd obsession with short hair and sideburns.
    8. mission control occurs more than mission command.
    9. constant penny-pinching in many areas by people who don't really care or understand the effect it has on the field army.
    10. civil servants think they have rank whereas we all know they are still just civvies, and therefore the same as binmen or librarians. or actors. or shop assistants.
  10. Making the Best Mates you will ever have in your LIFE...
  11. Shagging yer best mates wife while hes on site guard!
  12. Filling in RAF REG halfwits!!

  13. Understanding what people are talking about on Arrse.
  14. watching vast amounts of porn with ya mates and having in depth disscussions about the merits of cat discipline.
  15. drinking is a sport,
    shagging is a sport
    pulling mingers is encouraged.
    bezzering (everybodys favourite)
    coming back from tour and being rich for 3 days
    mates all over the world
    male working environment (birds are a pain in the ass most of the time)
    swanning around with no purpose.
    poets day (a rare event)
    sports afternoons (rocking horse shit)
    the endless practical jokes
    the colourful adaptation of the english language.
    war stories
    being a block rat