Best pace stick jokes


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The line Regiments at Sandhurst were invited to select a team for the annual Pace Stick Competition. The Guards teams came from the Guards Depot, and from any Guards Bn in the UK also each company at Sandhurst produced a team. It was really treated as a sport with a mess 'piss up' afterwards. I was in one of the Line Regiments team. Two of the Guards teams were beaten by the Line Regiments. The eight losers were sent for by the Academy Adt and got a big bollocking followed by a bigger bollocking from the Academy Sgt Major. For some weeks afterwards they were seen during very early mornings under instruction on 'Old College Square' practicing the art under one of the CSMs ...The urine was extracted for months afterwards!

Participants were Sgts and Above, I am sure that Gimp@ would approve of time well spent.

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