Best overall Knife ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Jul 16, 2005.

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  4. Kukhuri

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  9. Others

  1. which is the best knife you have worked with and has the best application to most things military and camping etc ?
    whatever you have chosen please say why and how much.
    this could help others like me to choose the best knife ?

    if "other" please say what brand and why or you had one custom made.
  2. Cookhouse knife from Q & M's, its free and you can exchange if it gets too sharp! :lol:

    They must be good or pusser wouldnt issue em?
  3. Clasp knife used it for years never needed any other. Still going strong and make before I was born.
  4. depends what your doing with it doesnt it?

    for joe schmoe I would recommend a Gerber or Leatherman multitool - does what It says on the tin, also dead handy for those little tasks that crop up at the most innoportune times...
  5. My Kabalan fighting knife, forged from meteoric iron and young girls love-juices suffices for most tasks..

  6. In Her Majesties Corp of Royal Engineers we were issued with a 'Knife, Clasp, RE' it differed from the normal issue claspknife in that it had a thing for removing stones from horses hooves on the back (they told us it was a spike for undoing knots) but given that mine was made in 1832, before they invented knots, but had lots of horses, we knew better. That being said, best 'knife' I ever had on ex was a machette type thing, twas called a Golok or summit like that. Was designed for '58 patt webbing, smaller thatn other machettes and was dead handy on ex, trouble was it was issued on a scale of summit like 4 per troop, of course G10 storeman always got the pick !!! Still, you could chop firewood, cam poles and other thingys with it, and I dare say you could have quite effectivley killed someone with it too, even if you brained him with the handle !!

    PS, is'nt a "Commando Dagger" properly refered too as a Wilkie Knife

    PPS, unless things have changed somewhat sice I left, don't buy one of these bells and whistles, all singing and dancing, "survival knifes", ye know compass on top, hollow pommel for matches, fish hooks etc. saw blade, etc etc etc...twas only posy fackin erses that had them strapped to thier legs in my day !! they're fack all use and wearers were duly mocked !! I know !!


    Ubique ya bass !!!
  7. Speaking about bayonets (it's in the survey list ) I was in the fackin army for ages before I even clapped eyes on a bayonet (SLR type). They issued us them for going to the Falklands and then took them off us to pack and ship them along with the weapons. This was post the war and all the weapons were sealed for the two week trip on Uganda to save the gats from the corrosive atmosphere of the south atlantic. Dunno about now but then bayonets were meant for one purpose (in,twist, pull as I recall) so, they had razor sharp points but no cutting edge (not meant for cutting) and they were parkerised to prevent corrosion. On the trip on Uganda the Sass man decideds that engineers need more handier bayonets and ordered the fackin lot unpacked and the edges sharpened to a cutting edge equal to a Gillette razor. Twas done. They were sharpened to the nth degree. It also removed the parkerising and exposed them to the salty ait of the good old SA. Result when we arrived in Stanley ? Yup, big blobs of loverly orange corrosion !!

    Still, kept the Orderly Dog busy for the first couple of weeks of the tour sorting it. !!! I know !!!


    Ubique ya bass !!!
  8. As AS said, the trouble with knives, as with stuff like webbing, is the inevitable pose factor. You need decent load carrying equipment, but there are a lot of folk who won't be satisfied with anything less than the latest 'special forces', 'ballistic', 'tactical' (and so on) stuff. Same with knives. A good one is a good idea but you need to be discreet to avoid looking like a Walt.

    My thoughts are:

    Bayonet - very good on the end of a rifle, if only for public relations purposes

    Commando dagger - excellent letter opener - and actually called a Fairbairn-Sykes after the hard men that designed it

    MOD survival knife - or Wilkie knife - fair to medium short crowbar or small trowel but too chunky for general cutting and a poor design for chopping

    Issue clasp knife or Pusser's dirk - useful, but optimised for ropework (straight cutting edge and fid)

    Khukhri - pretty good all round if you have Gurkha size hands

    Bloody big Rambo Bowie with built in barbecue and cross bow - it'll raise a smile, especially if you tape it to your webbing.

    My preference is for a multitool - I carry a small one every day and use it regularly. I also have a nice lock knife (see for details, but you have to be bit careful of lock knives (and fixed blade knives) in the UK, from the 'offensive weapon' point of view.
  9. SOG sheath knife purchased from PX. Exellent durability. Superb for field work and easily attached to PLCE or chest rigs.
  10. Leatherman Wave.

    Hardly an original choice, but:

    One-handed operation
    Slips in and out of the holder quickly
    Stays reasonably sharp
    Has most attachments you need
    Not as prone to breaking as the Super LM
    (used to be, don't know if it still is) USD-60 from the US PX, if you're in that part of the world

    That said, a mate of mine had a LM Charge XTi shipped out recently and that was very good (lot of fiddly, screwdriver bits to lose though). That's what I'll buy next.

  11. I carried a Rogers Aircrew survival knife from my Belize trip onward.
    One occifer pilot found himself without smokes so opened the emergency survival kit.
    They had a board of enquirey to find out how this 'controlled' item had been lost overboard.
    Fair shares for all!
  12. I like my Gerber, cheap as chips in the PX and has lots of useful tool's on it. But what would I know im only a QA.
  13. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    A leatherman or a Swiss Army knife will cover every eventuality that you are likely to come across in the ACF or while camping and hiking. Bear in mind that if you take a big feck-off Rambo-style death chopper, you'll likely get arrested, charged and fined/jailed for carrying an offensive weapon by the civvie Plod. You will also look like a tw@t.
  14. I have a Gerber and a Leatherman and i prefer the Gerber because of the one handed operation getting the blades out etc i managed to break the scissors on the leatherman the first time i used them, luckily they were under warranty and replaced free of charge. As a cutting knife again i have a Gerber which keeps its edge well and sharpens easily.