Best (or worst) Posting in Germany?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Portaloo Attendant, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. The best had to have been Northampton Barracks Wolfenbuttel, one Regt stationed there and not another one for miles, had the town and nearby Brunswick all to ourselves. The worst Paderborn, what a shithole
  2. Iserlohn. Nuff said.
  3. Berlin Great. Paderborn Naff
  4. Got sent to York Barracks Munster after I finished recuit before joining my unit always remember the

    Nazi eagle and swastika with ss flashes and the blocks probably disappeared now it was also just after two squaddies had been dropped out side by pira bullet holes and chalk marks still on the wall, first thing that came to mind when I saw them was Fuckin hell point blank and they still sprayed fire everywhere, I was soon to learn why when I got posted to NI it was cos they were Fuckin shit.

    And to top it all off the Bullshit and Pomp Guards were there what a Shit week in my life that was I did GD's just to get out of the Fuckin way.
  5. Osnatraz. City was ok but 73 indep was appalling. I never found out what the sqns purpose was either. Just before I left the SSM had the brilliant idea of putting half pound charges of PE4 along the route that the OC's car would take when it drove the cunt out of camp for the last time on posting. The concept was that the charges would be detonated as the car passed by 2 metres from them. The SSM tried to order me to set the charges but I declined and when he tried to insist, I told him to fuck off and read A&ER's. A task which would have kept him busy for a couple of years the stupid twat.
  6. Are you the cunt that you come across as? I only ask as I do in fact need a hoop to bag, without a ballbag or facial hair. Yes, you can call me fussy, I care not a fuck.
  7. Only had the pleasure of two Germany units: 38 (Berlin) Fd Sqn RE 92-94 .... fecking fantastic
    35 Engr Regt (Hameln) 87-90 & 94-98 .... excellent the first time as a singlie & still ok as a pad second time around
  8. Best was certainly Berlin, I was fortunate enough to be there pre & post wall, great city a truly 24hr party, worst is difficult but would probably go for Osnabruck, I agree the old town was good but the unit was baaad! we got so fcuk'd about you would not believe.

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  10. I have found it work's quite, well to be fair. I prefer to chat 'wimmin' up with parkinsons, give a much better gummy job.

    You must try harder, get a a gum job before giving an old twat like me advice darling.
  11. Not exactly my unit (I was at BMH Rinteln) but the husband was at 28 Amph (86-90) and I concur, Hameln was a fantastic posting.
  12. I found Gütersloh (84-87) very good. Nicely situated for trips into the Sauerland, although a bit of a drag getting back to the Channel ports. An Isodet posting to Jever, 79-81 was interesting in some respects but definitely out in the boonies and the town was dead.
  13. Hannover. Nice and quiet with no bullshit. We used to go to the large Garrsions on a daily basis and (almost) felt sorry for you lot! Loved the Signal Regiments with their coordinated sweeping teams!!!