Best or Worse Interview you ever had ?

I had an interview 15 years ago for an I.T. contracting position. Very early on in the interview it became apparent that they were looking for a different skill set to the ones I had (Microsoft ).
I'm really enjoying the interview and getting on very well with the two gents interviewing me when one of them asks "why do you want to work at the **** ? Quick as a flash I replied "you're kidding, you've got 7 floors of wall to wall tottie !!!! They fell about laughing and told me that was the best answer to that question they have ever heard.
I left the interview feeling in good spirits even though I thought the job had escaped me.....I got a call from my agent telling me I got the job (they created a new position for me) :)
I spent 2 very happy years there and met wife number 3 :D
Invited to interview at a certain "Oxbridge" college. Interview was really V, couth and most civilised, more like being at a drinks party with only a few guests. All was going really rather well then one of the twinkly eyed and ancient dons waved a copy of his newspaper in my direction to attract my attention and came out with the immortal line: " ........All well and good, now, prove to me you exist."

Quick as a flash and with not a word uttered I made my way to the side of the previously mentioned interviewer and used my 'fag lighter to set fire to his newspaper.

Once the resulting chaos had died down at least the interviewer conceded that I had satisfactorily proved my existence and much to my own amazement a while later I was offered a place.

V, much doubt that this direct action would be quite so generously received these days though.
Worst interview was when I was recruiting an assistant, and brought in what I had deemed to be an average looking Polish girl. For the first interview, she dressed a bit frumpy and had her hair in a pony tail, so looked nothing special, although I could see she had potential. On the second interview, with our by-the-book cow of an HR director in attendance, in comes Polish girl looking like a Dior catwalk model. My jaw dropped. I spent the whole interview examining every word I was about to utter in case my sexual desire overtook my sensible side. Several times as she was answering I could feel the HR Directors eye's scanning me for the obvious.

She bombed at the interview, but in hindsight was a godsend as I didn't fancy a semi hard-on and my head swimming with sexual deviances every working minute.
I was at a top table threesome when the next applicant came in and sat down. She promptly vomited in her lap, apologised, got up and left - didn't spill a drop, but didn't get the job, bless....


Walked into office, gets a hand shake, "well done you have the job. Now for a bollocking!"
Best and worst in one easy sentence.
This dates back to the days when HR didn't exist (late 80s), when the involvement in recruiting from the Personnel Dept was limited to drawing up contracts, and senior team leaders were trusted to interview and appoint staff who would fit in with the team.
Having just taken over a new post, heading a team of 8, I was presented with a list (and CVs) of 30 short-listed candidates for an entry-level post.
My first week in the job was thus taken up with conducting six interviews a day.
Some of the highlights were:
The candidate who stated his membership of CND, or something similar - anti-military, anyway. When asked how he squared that with applying for a post in a defence-related organisation, he replied "Something has to pay the bills";

The candidate who was so boring I fell asleep during the interview;

The obligatory spilled coffee cup;

The candidate who, having been apprised that I had just been appointed, proceeded to tell me how to do my job;

The candidate who ...

On the Friday, having just finished one interview, I received a phone call from Reception to say "This next one is really good".
To have impressed the good ladies on reception to that extent, whoever was about to come into the boardroom was going to enter with a load of plus points.
When she came in, jaws dropped.
I had heard my immediate boss give his spiel some 28 times, by then, before leaving me to it.
On this occasion, he dried completely!
The young lady in question was smart in all senses of the word and got the job.

Several years later she became the Editor of JDW and, subsequently, the first female Editor of Flight International.

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Had someone apply for a job as a continental truck driver who gave the reason for leaving his last job was he found the drive from Eastleigh to Southampton to tiring.

He didn't get the job.


Worst: large company, travelled 120 miles and find potential boss plus HR twat both asking questions that made no sense for the role, until after 10 minutes I was forced to ask them to clarify what the job was.

Answer was nothing like what I had been told. Complete waste of time.


Call from former boss, good bloke and now running European division of large IT outfit.

"I am in deep shit because this lot are a bunch of mongs. Need somebody to help me out."

"When do I start?"
Years ago, I had an interview for a telecoms engineer job. They asked me if I had any points on my driving license. The male interviewer then proceeded to tell me of one engineer who was on 9 points, and then got flashed, meaning he would lose his license and therefore his job.

So, he pulled up his van, put on his hi-viz, put some cones around the speedcam, got out his tools, and in full view of everyone, he opened up the camera and ripped out anything he thought may incriminate him. To any passing motorist or pedestrian, including Police, he would have looked like a bona fide camera maintenance engineer going about his business.

I didn't feel it appropriate to mention any similar direct action I have taken - not that I would as you all know.

When they asked me what I knew about lining up directional antennae, I sketched a diagram of how the dish receives the beam, which looked like a cock and balls. Both interviewers were pissing themselves laughing.

I got the job.
I went for a job as a walking guide at the lake district national park authority, the mention of Parachute regiment didn't help, in fact the look of horror on their faces was quite a give away.

( Is punching old ladies in the kidneys for having underweight bergans that wrong ! )
Had to interview a few years ago an an Ex-WO, who had a dreary but plentiful CV which didn't seem to all add up. After breaking down the CV in the interview, it transpired that since leaving the forces some 20 years previously, all the jobs he'd done were exactly the same one and all that had changed were the company names on buy-out after buy-out.

Didn't get a 2nd interview, let alone the job.


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There speaks the voice of experience.


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Best interview ad agency. Made them laugh. We'd already done the minus bits, crap hours, deadlines and effects on liver and relationships. Plus point money.
While being walked to the door my interviewer stuck out his hand for a thank you and final handshake. I was concentrating on where I was going, tripped over my feet, bounced off the doorpost and as he grabbed me to hold me up the tags on a string inside the jacket fell out.
'If the suits not back in an hour. I have to buy it' they thought I was kidding.


Being interviewed by the head of a recruitment agance u W1 and his sidekick, a little East End Greek. All though the interview the sidekick was niggling at me, but I got the feeling I liked him.

Towards the end the Bubble asked 'what really gets up your nose?"

"Noisy little ******* Greeks" said I. Got the job and we became good mates.

A separate incident, I went to do a company pitch to British Airways when I was ambushed - there were 5 senior line managers vs. me on my Jack Jones.

One of them asked - "so, where does your company fit in - are you a Harrods or a Tesco?"

I said " I think were in between - sort of a Harvey Nicks".

I got the contract.
Best interview - small IT firm in the 80's
Rack up the office in St Albans, have a brief chat about the traffic and the weather before he notices I'd put reading as one of my interests (doesn't everyone). So he asks what I've recently read.
It turns out we've both got the same taste in books and spend the next hour discussing the merits of various authors.
Then his PA pops in to tell him his golf buddy has arrived as they're going out for lunch. He asks if I've got anything planned, and if not would I like to join them.
We drive down into London and rack up at Langans where 4 hours and £500 (it was the 80's) later I'm shitfaced. But he's up for more. Down to the Ritz for cocktails. Another 3 hours later and although I've chucked up in the bogs twice, I'm close to passing out. His last words to me were 'well I've detained you enough, can you start a week on Monday' before he wandered off with a fairly decent hooker.
Top bloke all in all, and spent many happy years in his employ
I was attending a course at NAS Mirimar in the 1980's and had to pass a number of technical interviews.

During one of these interviews a female astrophysicist questioned me on my knowledge of Russian MiG pilots; during which I stated I'd looked down into one of their cockpits whilst flying inverted and gave him the bird!

I passed the course*

*The above may be fibs but as most of the other posters were lying, I thought I'd do the same.
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I was asked to describe my worst trait. "I'm too honest and forthright." I replied
"That can be quite advantageous." The interviewer pointed out.
"Who gives a feck what you think you tosser?" I answered
I didn't get the job. :rolleyes:
Many years ago I applied for a job at a Midlands University and attended along with about ten other candidates. We were told that the previous incumbent had departed and his 2ic was acting in the interim; the 2ic was also being interviewed. During my (very free-ranging) interview, which was with 5 board members, I noticed (but nothing clicked) that nobody was taking notes, and then during lunch and conversation with the 2ic, someone asked him how it felt to be having to undergo interview to keep his acting role. His answer and attitude made it clear that he thought we were a bit dim to have any optimism as he had been promised the job regardless. It turned out that the institution felt that so long as they advertised and interviewed, they had fulfilled the norms and could put their own man in. Week of my time wasted.
Another academic institution put me in front of a 12-person board, one of whom asked me what kind of wild animal I would think of myself as. Berk.

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