Best or MOst Usefull present?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wireless_barf, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. following on from the worst/most useless present thread, which i couldnt actually be arrsed to read all the way through, and at the risk of going to the hole on the double, whats your best / most usefull present ever?

    for me, a tub of assorted woodscrews my inlaws got me a few years back, amazingly usefull, for once i dont have to fcuk about going into town just to fasten a bloody bracket up for the missus
  2. Best present ever for me personally, was a replica set of my Dads medals, i had tried a few times to get the relevant documentation to claim them, but came up with nothing due to this or that.

    My mrs took it upon herself to do the legwork and get them.
    She spent a long old time calling, e-mailing and writing to, countless "agencies" to get the required documentation to claim them all.

    And this christmas just gone, she presented me with the display case, with my medals and my Dads medals, court mounted and with both our respective cap badges inline.(cheers love)

    Most useful present, has to be my PC, again, another gift off the mrs.

    She does alright for me 8)