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Best Online Sites for TV and Films

Having now sorted a new laptop that I link to new TV, I'm looking (for research purposes only), for any websites that I can use to catch up on TV, see new shows from the states (things like Game of Thrones), and possibly films.

Please remember I'm an IT biff, and any comments that include the phrase "Torrent" will leave me looking baffled. I really have no idea what I'm doing in regards to this.

Obviously anything illegal I won't look at, but it's nice to know what sites to avoid. ^_~^_~


Book Reviewer
you will have to go torrents, its not so hard to do and torlock is probably a good start as they report fakes and have them removed like demonoid used to untill it became a search engine.

simplest way is download utorrent then create two folders - one called torrents for work in progress and the other complete torrents for finished jobs.

IT biffery aside you only need a few minutes of brainache to get going and its less mess than searching for live streaming sites which work outside of the US.

or you could subscribe to netflix.


Book Reviewer
lots have been blocked by isps so you have to find their proxy sites instead. pirate bay has several.


still work and work well.


Book Reviewer
Great spread of torrents. You'll find things on it that you won't elsewhere.
Very little in the way of fake filtering or removal of dead torrents though, which is where Pirate Bay scores heavily.
True enough. I've found all kinds of Yank telly stuff, some very good, some fekkin dire!

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